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In Spider-man 3, when Spider-Man punches through Sandman's torso, Spider-Man was played by a professional amputee boxer instead of Toby Maguire.

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Jake Gyllenhaal was considered to replace Toby Maguire in Spider-Man 2 after Maguire suffered a back injury filming Seabiscuit.

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  1. The 2001 movie "Don's Plum", starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Toby Maguire. Never seen because DiCaprio/Maguire sued the distributor. The official reason was that they disagreed with the editing, but the theorized cause is it revealed the existence of the "P*ssy Posse" of womanizing actors.

  2. A crew member secretly offered Joe Manganiello $100 to "accidentally" punch Toby Maguire in the face during their characters' fight in "Spider-Man"

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