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Sam Houston, the general who won Texas independence from Mexico, was removed from his post as Governor of Texas after refusing to support the Confederacy during the Civil War

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After the U.S. Civil War, the U.S. filed financial claims against Great Britain, claiming that their support for the Confederacy prolonged the war. One Senator demanded a payment of $2 billion, but offered that the U.K. could just turn over Canada as payment instead.

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  1. The Confederacy had large support of Native Americans due to mutual distrust of the Federal Government and use of slavery. They mandated native representation and native sovereignty.

  2. As the war dragged on, Stephens withdrew from politics and spent less time in Richmond, Virginia, the Confederate capital. He did support negotiations to end the war and was sent to Hampton Roads to discuss it, but the Union refused any conditions that allowed the Confederacy to continue.

  3. Chang and Eng, the original "Siamese Twins," were born in Thailand but settled in North Carolina, where they purchased a plantation, owned slaves, and supported the Confederacy during the Civil War

  4. That, as reparations for British support of the Confederacy, after the US civil war Senator Sumner and Secretary of State Seward wanted the UK to hand over either $2 billion or Canada.

  5. Despite not supporting slavery, and sending troops and supplies to the Union, much of Canada actually supported the Confederacy during the US Civil War

  6. If Mexico had lost on Cinco de Mayo, the Confederacy might have gotten support from France and effectively increased their odds of winning

  7. After the U.K. supplied the Confederacy with raiding ships during the American Civil War, the U.S. brought suit with international support and won $15 million in what was called the Alabama Claims, after the C.S.S. Alabama

  8. Both the Union and the Confederacy in the US Civil War named prominent men with no military experience as generals. Most of the "political generals" were awful commanders and hurt their sides' military efforts, but were necessary for support of the war from various groups.

  9. Arizona was a Confederate Territory and supported the Confederacy with men, horses, and supplies

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South Carolina decided to immortalize Wade Hampton, wealthy slave owner and supporter of the Confederacy, over Robert Smalls, slave who escaped and later became a member of US Congress, as a statue in the Capital Building

The Nasby Letters were presented as being written by a semi-illiterate, lazy, drunken, opportunistic part-time preacher and supporter of the Confederacy, making use of satire not unlike The Colbert Show to point out the flaws of those that it seemed to be siding. Lincoln was a big fan. - source

According to an exhibit in the Andy Griffith museum, the Original Siamese Twins were supporters of the confederacy and are burried in Mt. Airy North Carolina where they lived and died. Mt. Airy was Andy Griffith's hometown and believed to be the inspiration for the fictional town of Mayberry - source

Since 1789 Congress has only expelled 20 of its own members, 17 of which were for supporting the Confederacy.

Maryland's official state song, "Maryland, My Maryland" was written by supporters of the Confederacy and advocates the state's secession from the United States. - source

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Maryland's official state song (Maryland, My Maryland) is based on a poem written by a supporter of the Confederacy in 1861. It refers to Lincoln as a despot, and was sometimes called "the Marseillaise of the South".

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The confederacy had black troops in the field before the Union, and that there was widespread support in the south for emancipation in exchange for military service.

Britain and France supported the Confederacy during the Civil War, with Russian being the Union's allies.

The Russian empire planned to support the Union of England had joined the American civil war with the Confederacy

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