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In 2011, two Nepali men climbed Mount Everest and then proceeded to paraglide off of the summit, landing 35 km away. They then hiked and kayaked to the Bay of Bengal, winning the pair National Geographic Adventurers of the Year.

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The rock at the summit of Mount Everest is marine limestone and would have been deposited on the seafloor around 450 million years ago.

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  1. The woman who holds the record for the most summits of Mount Everest (9) is a single mother who works as a dishwasher at Whole Foods in Connecticut.

  2. The famous ‘Hillary Step’, a challenging climb near the summit of Mount Everest, collapsed due to an earthquake, and is no longer a feature on the mountain.

  3. Mount Everest is equipped with 3G mobile service so you can tweet your ascent all the way to the summit.

  4. Maurice Wilson, who in 1934 died in an attempt to climb Mount Everest by flying halfway around the world, crash-landing on the mountain, and then walking to the summit despite having no experience in either mountaineering or aviation.

  5. Sir Edmund Hillary, one of the first confirmed climbers to reach the summit of Mount Everest, later established a charity organization called the "Himalayan Trust". It is designed to help the Sherpa people living in Nepal.

  6. The summit of Mount Everest is not the farthest point from the center of the Earth. Due to the Earth's bulge around the equator it is actually the volcano called Chimborazo in Ecuador.

  7. A 20-year old kid successfully climbed to the summit of Mount Everest and snowboarded his way down to the base camp. He only had 4 years of snowboarding experience prior to the stunt.

  8. China & Nepal disagreed over the height of Mount Everest. Nepal wanted to include the height of the snow on the summit, and China only wanted to state the height of the rock. They argued for 5 years. It was a 4m difference.

  9. There is 4G mobile coverage on the summit of Mount Everest

  10. Climbers burn an average of 10,000 calories per day when ascending Mount Everest. On the day of the summit climb they can burn up to 20,000

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Total Number of Summits of and Deaths on Mount Everest

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Scott E. Parazynski, the only person to have flown in space and summited Mount Everest. Parazynski flew five times in the Space Shuttle and conducted seven spacewalks. In 2008, he failed to summit Everest due to a severe back injury, but succeeded on his second try the next year.

Yuichiro Miura became the oldest person to summit Mount Everest at age 70 (as well as being the first to ski the mountain). When his record was broken, he recaptured it in 2008 at the age of 75. In 2013 Miura again beat the record by summiting Everest at the age of 80. - source

An American photographer who knew he couldn't escape the 1980 Mount St. Helens eruption due to being too close to the summit, photographed it & used his body to shield the photographs from damage. His body was discovered several days later, and those pictures proved groundbreaking for geology. - source

4 months after undergoing a double heart bypass operation, Ranulph Fiennes completed 7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents. At age 56, he cut all the fingertips off his left hand after sustaining frostbite. And at age 65, he reached the summit of Mount Everest becoming the oldest Brit to do so.

Even though Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world, Annapurna is the deadliest with a fatality-to-summit ratio of 32%. - source

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About Junko Tabei who was the first woman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, and the first woman to ascend all the Seven Summits by climbing the highest peak on every continent.

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The oldest person to make it to the summit was a Nepalese man, Min Bahadur Sherchan, aged 76 years old on May 26, 2008.

The first woman to make it to the summit was Japanese woman, Junko Tabei, in May 16, 1975. She climbed the southern face of the mountain.

In 2013 Tom Choate, a 78 year old climber, became the oldest man to reach Denali's summit.

Robert Landsbburg who was photographing Mount St. Helens a few miles away from the summit during the 1980 eruption. Realizing that he was too close, he packed his camera in his backpack and laid on top to protect the contents. His body was found 17 days later and the film was developed.

Denali has two main summits - the South Summit and the North Summit.

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Sherpa Tenzing Norgay was denied a knighthood for his 1953 ascent of Mount Everest. However his partner Edmund Hillary was knighted, along with John Hunt, who led the expedition but did not participate in the summit.

Mount Mazama was a 12,000 foot tall volcano. When it erupted and collapsed roughly 7700 years ago the summit became a large hole that eventually filled with water.

Approximately 13,000 people attempt to climb Mount Rainier each year. It takes two to three days to climb to the summit.

There are 18 different mountaineering trails up the mountain and as much as 33,000 feet of rope is used to help the mountaineers climb to the summit.

The summit was first climbed on the northern side by a Tibetan man, Nawang Gombu and Chinese mountaineers, Chu Yin-Hau and Wang Fu-zhou in May 25, 1960.

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From Mount Rainier's summit one can see Mount Hood, Glacier Peak, Mount Baker, Mount Adams, and Mount St. Helens.

Denali is taller than Mount Everest when calculated by measuring the distance from base to summit. Denali's summit is 18,000 feet from its base while Mount Everest's summit is 12,000 feet from its base.

Mt. Everest is always covered in snow and ice. Many successful climbs to the summit happen in May. This is because the weather conditions are more favorable.

Barbara Washburn was the first woman to reach the summit of Denali, in 1947.

Demeter lived at the summit of Mount Olympus as one of the twelve Olympian gods.

The eruption began as a landslide. The summit of Mount St. Helens was reduced by 1300 feet.

Base camp is 17, 500 ft above sea level (5,400 m): Camp 1 is 20, 000 ft (6,100 m), Camp 2 is 21,000 ft (6,500 m), Camp 3 is 24,000 ft (7,400 m), Camp 4 is 26, 000 ft (8,000 m), Summit of Mt. Everest is 29,035 ft (8,850 m)

Didier Delsalle who is the first (and only) person to land a helicopter on the summit of Mount Everest.

The first humans to ever reach the summit (top) on the southern side of the mountain were Sir Edmund Hilary, a mountaineer from New Zealand and his guide, a local Nepalese man called Tenzing Norgay. They made it to the summit on May 29, 1953.

Mount Snowdon is the largest mountain in Wales and is located in the park and in all of England. It sits at 1,085 meters above sea level and it is possible to see Ireland on a clear day from the summit.

Mount Rainier's summits include Liberty Cap, Point Success, and Columbia Crest. These summits are popular with climbers.

The Oxygen content at the summit is only 30% of the air that it is at sea level making it very difficult to breathe.

Novice climbers are not allowed to climb Mount Everest; those who have not previously reached the peak of at least one 6,500-meter mountain are banned from attempting to summit Mount Everest.

Approximately 100,000 people take the train each year to reach the summit of Mount Snowdon. Approximately 400,000 walk the mountain each year as well.

The first person photographed at the summit of Mount Everest is actually Sherpa Tenzing Norgay. It was taken by Sir Edmund Hillary because Tenzing didn't know how to operate the camera.

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