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There is 3G cell service and internet capability at the peak of Mt. Everest, while only 9% of the Nepalese population has access to the Internet.

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Pizza Hut delivered a pizza to the peak of Mt. Kilimanjaro, gaining a Guinness World Record for highest altitude Pizza

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  1. The peak of Mt. Fuji is privately owned land (and the whole mountain used to be owned by one person)

  2. Three of the highest peaks in Western Australia are found in Karijini National Park including Mt. Bruce, Mt. Meharry, and Mt. Frederick.

  3. The Continent of Australia is really flat. It's tallest peak is Mt Kosciuszko at 2228m. In comparison, it's much smaller neighbor, New Zealand, has 100+ peaks taller than this.

  4. The first woman to summit Mt. Rainier in Washington was a schoolteacher/journalist named Fay Fuller, who reached the top on August 10, 1890. She later had a peak in the park named in her honor.

  5. Pikes Peak is the second most visited mountain in the world. Following Mt. Fuji in Japan

  6. The peak of Mt Chimborazo in Ecuador is the point farthest from the Earth's center because of the Earth's shape. So all those people summiting Mt Everest all these years haven't actually been on top of the world. HA!

  7. Between 2009 & 2010 there were ZERO summits on K2, the world’s 2nd highest mountain peak, whereas Mt Everest had 851

  8. Mt Erebus, the second highest peak in Antarctica, is an active volcano that is currently erupting, and the eruptions have been photographed from space.

  9. Mt. Everest's peak in the winter typically has 170 mph winds and an average of -33 degree temperature

  10. All of the worlds mountains above 7000 m (23,000ft) are in Southern and Central Asia. The tallest peak outside of Asia, Mt. Aconcagua is ranked #189 at 6960m!

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Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers have brought their Terrible Towel to the peak of Mt. Everest and the ISS.

Mt Fuji – or at least its peak – is privately owned land - source

The summit of Mt Everest was underwater at one point. The peak of Mt. Everest is marine limestone that contains fossilized skeletons of marine creatures from what used to be the Tethys Sea meaning that approximately 470 million years ago, it was sea floor. - source

While the most isolated peak (measured by distance to the closest point of equal elevation) is Mt Everest at 8848m high, the 36th most isolated "peak" is Jarvis High Point at only 7m high

Despite having a peak 2000m shorter than Mt. Everest, the peak of Chimborazo in Ecuador is actually farther away from the center of the Earth. This is because the Earth bulges at the equator. - source

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One other volcano in the Cascade Range has erupted in the 20th century aside from Mt. St. Helens, Lassen Peak in Shasta County, California on May 22, 1915.

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The first winter ascent of Mt Everest happened in Feb 17, 1980. It was also the first winter ascent of a peak above 8000m. Today, only two 8000m peaks have never been climbed in winter.

Mt. Everest is overcrowded with climbers: "on a single day in 2012, 234 climbers reached the peak, with some unable to stand on its highest point because it was so crowded."

The ocean is a LOT deeper than you think. In fact, if you turned Mt. Everest upside down, the peak wouldn't even reach the ocean floor. There would still be another 7,200 feet to go.

Texas' highest point, Guadalupe Peak, at 2667m is higher than Australia's tallest peak, which is Mt Kosciusko, at 2228m

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From atop Telescope Peak in Death Valley, one can see both the highest point (Mt. Whitney) and the lowest point (Badwater Basin) in the Continental USA.

Not the peak of the Mt. Everest is the farthest away from the earth's center, but the summit of the Chimborazo in Ecuador. This is due to the equatorial bulge.

The first man ever to climb the Seven Summits (7 highest mountains on each continent), was also at the time the oldest person to peak Mt. Everest. And he had planned this impressive trek with none other than the president of Walt Disney.

The peak of mount Chimborazo is the furthest point away from the centre of earth beating Mt Everest by two kms.

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Bumblebees are capable of flight at altitudes higher than the peak of Mt Everest.

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