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After Korean soccer player, Ahn Jung-hwan scored the goal to eliminate Italy from the 2002 World Cup, his contract was cancelled by Perugia- the Italian club he played for, for ‘ruining Italian soccer.’

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DC Comics sued the soccer club of Valencia CF for using a "bat logo" vaguely similar to the Batman one, despite Valencia using it since 1919, 20 years prior the creation of Batman

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  1. U.S. President Rutherford B. Hayes arbitrated a land dispute between Argentina and Paraguay. He decided in favor of Paraguay, giving the country 60% of its current territory. Paraguay still honors Hayes, and there is a local soccer club named after him, Club Presidente Hayes.

  2. In 2012, 400 Spanish soccer fans wanted to see their club play in the Europa League final held in Bucharest, Romania. By mistake, they chartered a plane to Budapest, Hungary.

  3. Mr Walter Tull. A soldier who was born in 1888 and died in 1918. He was the first ever black officer to lead white British soldiers in battle. He also played soccer for the professional London Club Tottenham Hotspur.

  4. The reason soccer lost popularity in America was primarily due to the Great Depression which caused many clubs to default and the shutdown of the American Soccer League

  5. Gordon Ramsay was a talented soccer player in his youth and even claims to have played a couple of games for Glasgow Rangers, one of the biggest clubs in the UK. Sadly his sports career was cut short by injury problems and he then decided to become a chef.

  6. Cristiano first became interested in soccer as a child because his father was the equipment manager at a boy's club and Cristiano developed a love of the game.

  7. The Korean soccer player who scored and knocked Italy out of the 2002 World Cup immediately lost his contract with his Italian club Perugia for 'ruining Italian soccer'.

  8. The song Seven Nation Army became a stadium anthem after some Belgian soccer fans heard it in a bar in Milan the night before a match against an Italian club and chanted it that night in the city center then again the next day at the stadium, where their team pulled off a stunning upset.

  9. A professional soccer player scored his 12th goal for his club in the 12th game of the season at the 12th minute of the second half, on the 12/12/12 while wearing the number 12 shirt.

  10. From 1998-2003 the German soccer club VfL Wolfsburg was coached by a man named Wolfgang Wolf

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Where do the 2018 World Cup players play Club Soccer

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FIFA ranks Madrid as having the 20th century's most successful football (soccer in the U.S.) club. The team is Real Madrid FC.

There is a soccer club of Ebola survivors that play against Ebola fighters (doctors, nurses, etc.) In order to ease the reintegration of survivors in their community. - source

FC Barcelona is one of the wealthiest football (soccer in United States) clubs in the world. FC Barcelona has a museum dedicated to the club. It is the most often visited museum in Barcelona.

Scottish Soccer club Partick Thistle asked Turner Prize nominated artist David Shrigley to design their sport mascot. The result, named 'Kingsley' was described as "Lisa Simpson on meth" and "the mascot of children's nightmares".

In Paraguay, US President Rutherford Hayes has a soccer club, a town and a holiday named after him. - source

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Italian soccer club Udinese decided to take care of a severely disabled woman after her her brother died, leaving her as the only surviving member of her family.

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The first continental European association football club to beat an English team in England was in 1923 by the all Jewish, Austrian soccer club, Hakoah Vienna. After the Anschluss, the club was forcibly disbanded, property seized, and had all their games were nullified by the Nazis.

The world record for goals scored by a goalkeeper in soccer is held by Rogério Ceni of São Paulo in Brazil. Over the course of 25 years, he scored 131 goals. This makes him the top goalscorer in club history. He scored 61 goals from free kicks and 69 goals from the penalty spot.

A supporter for soccer club Denizlispor got banned from the stadium for a year, so he rented a crane to watch the game from outside the stadium.

Lutz Pfannenstiel, the only person the play professional soccer on all six inhabited continents. Pfannenstiel played for 27 clubs in his career.

In 1985, English soccer hooligans killed 39 people and caused 600 injuries, causing English clubs to be banned from European competitions for 5 years.

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Carlos Kaiser—a Brazilian who managed a 20-year professional soccer career without really knowing how to play by using his fitness to convince coaches he could, faking injuries, befriending famous players, and carrying a fake cellphone around to pretend he was denying offers from other clubs.

Spanish soccer team Athletic Club de Bilbao only plays with local players and has only played on the first Spanish league (Primera Division).

Brazilian soccer club Santos FC cut their women's team in 2012 to pay the salary of Neymar. A year and a half later, Neymar was playing for FC Barcelona in Spain

In the Summer 2013 transfer window, Italian soccer club Parma FC sanctioned the departure and arrival of over 260 players.

The 35th most expensive Soccer player of all time, 16 year old Vinicius Junior, has only made 11 appearances at senior club level. He cost Real Madrid $51 million.

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Wolfsburg football club have installed 5G in their stadium so fans can watch the game with Augmented Reality to see real time player stats (like the FIFA Soccer video game)

Irish Soccer Player Eamonn O'Keefe joined Saudi side Al-Hilal in 1975 but fled Saudi Arabia in fear of his own life after refusing to quit football and become the club president's gay lover.

Basketball is huge in Greece, and local teams have rabid support clubs similar to soccer.

There are 43 professional football (soccer) clubs within 90 miles of Manchester

There's a Peruvian soccer club called Deportivo Wanka

In 2010, in a miracle run, TP Mazembe Englebert became the first African club soccer team in history to compete in the final of the FIFA Club World Cup, where they lost to Italians FC Internazionale. Their crest is a crocodile eating a soccer ball.

Lutz Pfannenstiel a German soccer player who has played for clubs in all 6 FIFA confederations.

Arthur Conan Doyle, the author and creator of Sherlock Holmes, played first class cricket with Marylebone cricket club and amateur soccer.

The Scottish soccer club Queen's Park FC play's it's games in a stadium with a 50 000 audience capacity, yet only has an average attendance of around 750 people

Soccer club FC Barcelona's player was kidnapped for 25 days which prevented the team from winning La Liga(Spanish League Cup)

The FC Bundestag, a football (soccer) club of the German house of parliament (Bundestag) asemeblymen with a minimum age of 40 are member of. They annualy play against the parliament teams of Switzerland, Austria and Finland!

Fat Ronaldo is the owner of La Liga soccer club Real Valladolid.

Hard-core supporters of Besiktas JK - one Istanbul's major pro football (soccer) clubs - have a long history of principled activism, and have recently braved police brutality and arrests to stand in defiance of PM Erdogan's growing despotism

There is an Italian Soccer Club called CS Lebowski which honours The Dude! Check out the club badge

Columbia Pictures sponsored a soccer club between 2003-2005. They advertised movies such as Spider-Man 2 and Hitch on the Team's shirt.

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