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Students as young as six must use a 2,500 foot rickety bamboo ladder to attend school in a Chinese Southwest Sichuan Province.

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There are approximately 1,000 surviving giant panda's, most of them living in the Sichuan Province. This animal is China's national treasure.

What caused the elimination of the bees in the south sichuan province?

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  1. 'Zuo Tang', a Chinese wedding ritual sometimes practiced in the Sichuan Province. Everyday for one hour, one month prior to the wedding, the bride goes into a hallway and cries, with her mother, grandmother, sisters and aunts eventually joining in.

  2. About Sky Burial, a funeral practice in which a human corpse is placed on a mountaintop to be eaten by scavenging animals, especially Carrion Birds. It is primarily practiced in the Chinese provinces and autonomous regions of Tibet, Qinghai, Sichuan and Inner Mongolia.

  3. If you could separate Sichuan Province from China, it would be the 13th most populated country in the world and China would still be number 1.

  4. Szechuan is the romanized word for Sichuan which is a province in China that spawned Kung Pao chicken and is famous for its spicy cuisine.

  5. A teacher in Sichuan Province punishes late students by making them copy a single 56-stroke Chinese character a thousand times

  6. There is a school in the Sichuan province in China only accessible by a perilous 800m climb.

  7. Larung Gar Buddhist Academy, a Tibetan zone in the Sichuan province of China. Images of the academy have been appearing in the National Geographic and similar galleries

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