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The Ugly Animal Preservation Society that aims to conserve less charismatic species, trying to bring attention to "some of Mother Nature’s more aesthetically challenged children." Species include the naked mole rat, the blobfish and the Titicaca 'scrotum' water frog.

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Peru's endangered "scrotum frog" is being driven to extinction by people trying to use it to get hard

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  1. The Scrotum Frog of Lake Titicaca (Telmatobius culeus) is facing extinction

  2. The Scrotum Frog, which is native to the waters of Lake Titicaca.

  3. That, in 2005, adverts containing the Crazy Frog were reported to the UK's Advertising Standards Agency for having a "visible penis and scrotum".

  4. There is a Titicaca Frog, also commonly referred to as a Scrotum Frog. They are cute and unfortunately facing mass die-offs.

  5. Over 10k Scrotum Frogs have suddenly died at Lake Titicaca creating the most juvenilely entertaining headline in history. Cue Beavis laugh.

  6. There exists an animal called the "Scrotum fRog" in lake Titicaca

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