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In 1972 George Carlin was arrested in Milwaukee for a stand-up comedy bit about seven obscene words: Shit, piss, fuck, cunt, cocksucker, motherfucker and tits. The judge ruled in his favor, setting a precedent that ushered in the era of hardcore 1970s comedy.

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In 1981, a German landlord evicted a tenant after they spread surströmming brine, the world's smelliest food, in the building's stairwell. When the landlord was taken to court, the court ruled in favor of the landlord after they demonstrated their case by opening a can inside the courtroom.

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  1. After Hurricane Katrina, a group of Benedictine monks in Louisiana began selling low-cost, handmade cypress caskets. The state’s Board of Embalmers and Funeral Directors issued a cease-and-desist order, claiming that only funeral homes could sell caskets. A judge ruled in favor of the monks.

  2. Eminem was sued by his grade school bully for defamation in the song “Brain Damage.” However the judge ruled in Eminem’s favor with a 10 stanza footnote rap that ended with “It is therefore this court’s ultimate position, that Eminem is entitled to summary disposition.”

  3. In 1981, a tenant was evicted in Germany after spreading Surströmming (fermented Baltic Sea herrring) brine in the stairway. The landlord was taken to court, where he brought a can of Surströmming as evidence. After being opened, the court unanimously ruled in his favor because of the smell.

  4. The government can seize private property and sell it to another private owner for vague promises of "economic development." Suzette Kelo had her home demolished to build hotel-retail space, but the developer cancelled the project and the lot is now vacant. SCOTUS ruled in the City's favor.

  5. In 1832 the US Supreme court ruled in favor of the Cherokee Indians wanting to remain on their native land. President Andrew Jackson ignored the order and tens of thousands of Cherokee were forcibly removed from their homes and marched to Oklahoma. Thousands died on the mach, the Trail of Tears.

  6. Judges are more likely to grant parole to prisoners at the beginning of the day or after a lunch break. By the end of a session the chance of a favorable ruling declines to near zero.

  7. FDR was so tired of the Supreme Court ruling his new laws unconstitutional, that he was going to use a loophole in the constitution to "pack" the courts with as many as 5 new pro-new deal justices. His ploy worked and the court started to rule in favor of his legislation.

  8. The Supreme Court ruled in favor of comedy by citing that the first ammendment covers the use of political figures in satire.

  9. Lawrence Kasdan, the writer for Return of the Jedi, favored having Luke kill Darth Vader and ruling in his place.

  10. When an English translation of Mein Kampf was released, US Senator Alan Cranston published a different translation which he believed to be more accurate. In 1939, Hitler sued Cranston for copyright violation; the judge ruled in Hitler's favor and publication of the book was halted.

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The supreme court ruled in favor of being able to use evidence found during traffic stops against you during trial even if an officer had initially violated your rights.

In 2001, a $1mil lawsuit was filed against Eminem by DeAngelo Bailey who claimed defamation. The judge delivered the ruling via a brief rap, in Eminem's favor - source

Bernard A. Friedman, the judge who decided DeBoer v. Snyder (one of the lower court cases which led into Obergefell v. Hodges, the case that decided same-sex marriage in the US) presided over the wedding of the plaintiffs he ruled in favor of shortly after the Supreme Court's decision. - source

Gottfried Leibniz published his form of Calculus a full 20 years before Isaac Newton. Newton claimed the idea was his and the Royal Society setup a committee to rule on the matter. Newton was on that committee and the report (written by Newton) ruled in favor of you guessed it, Newton

A man sued his cousin for not donating his bone marrow which had a 50% chance of curing his rare disease. The court ruled in the cousin's favor, and the man died a month later. - source

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He went back to Italy in 1927 after developing tuberculosis. There he wrote Lady Chatterley's Lover. It was published in Italy in 1928, but it was banned in the United States until 1958 due to its graphic sexual content. It was banned in England until 1960, until a jury ruled in favor of Penguin Books.

In 1984 the Supreme Court nearly ruled (5 – 4) in favor of the film industry in claiming that VCRs were inherently an act of copyright infringement. 10 years later the movie studios made the majority of their revenue from this same technology.

Yamashita Gold is real (gold and treasures looted by the Japanese throughout Asia during WII that were buried in the Philippines), and Hawaii supreme court ruling Roxas v. Marcos ruled in favor of Roxas, the treasure hunter who found one of the 175 tunnels where the treasures were buried.

About the case of Xu Shoulan v. Peng Yu. Xu fell and broke her femur, then proceeded to sue the man who helped her to the hospital claiming he was responsible for her accident. And the courts ruled in Xu's favor. Now much of the populace fears getting sued for helping people in emergencies.

During his six years as an Associate Justice, Hughes judged as a progressive, ruling in favor of state laws pertaining to eight hour work days, minimum wage, and Congress" ability to regulate business.

A Eugenics-driven 1927 US Supreme Court Case, Buck v Bell, ruled in favor of the forced sterilization of Carrie Buck, who was deemed "feeble-minded." This ruling was later used as a defense of Nazi doctors during the Nuremberg Trials.

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Duverger's Law, which says that plurality-rule elections favor a two-party system

That, before he became a U.S. Senator, Alan Cranston was a news correspondent and published his own translation of Mein Kampf. In 1939, Hitler's publisher sued Cranston for copyright violation in Connecticut; a judge ruled in Hitler's favor and publication of the book was halted.

Supreme Court Chief Justice Taney, infamous for the Dred Scott decision, presided until his death in 1864 and ruled in favor of President Lincoln in at least two major cases. BTW the Dred Scott decision was 8-2.

Prior to the release of the videogame Bully, activist Jack Thompson filed a lawsuit to have the game banned from stores in FL, declaring it a "nuisance" and "Columbine simulator". The judge ruled in favor of the game, noting there was no content in the game not already on late night TV.

The last slide rule calculator manufactured in the United States was in 1976. Slide rules fell out of favor to pocket calculators, which, by the mid 1970s, had become affordable and were considered significantly easier to use

In 1969, on the same day the Supreme Court ruled the Marihuana Tax Act unconstitutional in favor of Timothy Leary, he announced his candidacy against Ronald Reagan for Governor of California and John Lennon later wrote his campaign song: "Come Together"

In 2006 Tom Brady and Peyton Manning lobbied in favor of changing an NFL rule, which would allow teams to provide their own game balls. Since this new rule, the Patriots have shown a massive, very improbable, increase in the amount of touches per fumble.

A legislative initiative to add more justices to the U.S. Supreme Court to obtain favorable rulings on New Deal legislation that the Supreme Court had ruled unconstitutional. Preventing this "court packing plan" included the famous "Switch in time that saved nine."

Yelp has been sued numerous times for its sorting algorithm, which allegedly does not work as intended. The court ruled in Yelp's favor saying that sorting/hiding reviews does not constitute extortion

In 1810 a native South African woman was brought to England to show her giant buttocks to paying crowds. Abolitionist groups tried to free her, but British courts ruled in favor of her continued exhibition. She was sold to an animal trainer and died in poverty.

Argentina defaulted on its debt in 2014, and that it was triggered by rules which favored hardline creditors in bond issuances governed by US law.

In 2003, WTVT, a Fox Broadcasting Company affiliate, distorted a story by allegedly telling reporters to publish a false version of the story. The court ruled in favor of WTVT, concluding that the FCC's policy against falsification isn't a law.

Bipartisan gerrymandering - redistricting that favors the incumbents in both the Democratic and Republican Parties - was ruled constitutionally permissible by the Supreme Court.

About the “Hastert Rule” where the Speaker of the House will not bring a bill to a vote if the majority of their party is not in favor of it, even if there is sufficient bipartisan support.

Judges tend rule favorably (up to about 65%) after breakfast and after a lunch break then drops gradually nearly zero within each decision session

Fallout: New Vegas, in portraying the Omerta casino family as slimier than the others, went so far as to have their Blackjack tables implement a rule that is 0.2% in the house's favor

The "Redskins Rule" where a win for the redskins last home game prior to election day, favors the incumbent.

In 2014 a federal judge ruled that it is illegal to attempt to ban politicians and media from lying to gain favor during political campaigns

The First SCOTUS Decision that rules in favor of Gay Rights, ONE Inc vs Olesen was decided on January 13, 1958

The German Question was a debate in the 19th century over the best way to achieve the Unification of Germany. The Greater German Solution favored Austria leadership. The Lesser German Solution favored Prussian rule without Austria. The Lesser German Solution won & is why Austria is independent.

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