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When Ruth Bader Ginsburg was studying at Harvard, the Dean of Harvard Law asked her "How do you justify taking a spot from a qualified man?" Ruth transferred to Columbia Law School and became the first woman to be on two major law reviews, later becoming an Associate Justice of the Supreme Court

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Jeannette's brother, Wellington, was a former Attorney General of Montana and Associate Justice of the Montana Supreme Court.

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  1. In addition to spending 31 years as an associate justice of the U.S. Supreme Court, Byron White was a Heisman runner-up, elected to the College Football Hall of Fame, named to three NFL All-Pro teams, led the NFL in rushing yards twice, and was awared two Bronze Stars for service in WWII

  2. During his six years as an Associate Justice, Hughes judged as a progressive, ruling in favor of state laws pertaining to eight hour work days, minimum wage, and Congress" ability to regulate business.

  3. Former NFL player and Hall-of-Famer Alan Page received his Juris Doctor while still playing for the Minnesota Vikings. In 1992, Page was elected to an open seat as an Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court, becoming the first African-American to serve on that court.

  4. Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Court William Rehnquist proposed marriage to Former Associate Justice Sandra Day O’Conner While They Attended Stanford Law School.

  5. That, when administoring the oath of office to Vice President-Elect James Danforth Quayle, associate justice of the Supreme Court Sandra Day O'connor left out the line "against all enimies foreign and domestic."

  6. After the Supreme Court struck down pieces of the New Deal FDR sought to change the Court through a bill that would have enabled the President to appoint additional Justices. While the bill failed FDR successfully nominated 8 Associate and 1 Chief Justice after previous Justices resigned or died

  7. When George W. Bush took office Ted Cruz became an associate deputy attorney in the United States Justice Department. He also served as the U.S. Federal Trade Commission's director of policy planning.

  8. Associate Justice James McReynolds (1914-1941) refused to hire Jews, drinkers, blacks, women, smokers, married or engaged men as law clerks. He also thought wrist watches made men look effeminate while red fingernail polish made women look vulgar.

  9. Alan Page, Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court and NFL Hall of Fame Defensive Tackle, worked on a construction crew that built NFL Hall of Fame.

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