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The mining town "Rough and Ready" which for 88 days in 1850 seceded from the union becoming "the Great Republic of Rough and Ready"

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There used to be a mining town in California known as Rough and Ready. The town "seceded" from the Union in 1850 in order to avoid mining taxes and later voted themselves back into the Union the year after.

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  1. The 'Great Republic of Rough and Ready,' a Californian mining town that seceded in April 1850 to avoid paying federal mining taxes. They rejoined the Californian territory that 4th of July when Nevada City saloons refused to serve foreigners.

  2. About the Republic of Rough and Ready - a town that seceded from the US in 1850 to avoid having to prohibit alcohol and pay taxes on mining. Three months later they rejoined after being unable to purchase alcohol to celebrate the 4th of July as they were now considered foreigners.

  3. "The Great Republic of Rough and Ready". An independent region/state/nation within US that lasted from Apr - Jul 1850.

  4. There is a town named Rough and Ready, CA

  5. There are towns in every single state that have lewd-sounding names. Examples include: Rough & Ready, CA; Intercourse, PA and Spread Eagle, WI.

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