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There is a micro-nation named the Principality of Sealand 6 miles off the coast of Britain with an area of 6 acres. On 7/24 this year they hosted the first ever 'Half-Marathon of Sealand', which involved a treadmill.

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For £20 (~$28.50) you can buy 1 sq. ft of an abandoned military outpost that someone claimed as the independent nation known as "The Principality of Sealand"

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  1. Principality of Sealand claims to be the smallest country with an area of about 0.004 sq km.

  2. There is an WWII anti-aircraft fort off the coast of England called Fort Roughs, which has since been taken over by an internationally unrecognized state called the Principality of Sealand

  3. In 1967 a man named Paddy Roy Bates created his own country "The Principality of Sealand" on a World War II fortress six miles off the coast of Suffolk, England

  4. The Principality of Sealand has had a rebel government in exile since 1978 after a hostage crisis.

  5. The Principality of Sealand - unrecognised micronation that claims an anti-aircraft defensive gun platform built by the British during World War II, as its territory.

  6. There is an unrecognized self-declared state which consists entirely of a British WWII-era gun platform. The Principality of Sealand, located off the coast of Suffolk, England, has it's own royal monarchy, national football team and constitution.

  7. The Principality of Sealand is an old fort off the coast of Suffolk used in WW2, but as of 1967 is now a declared state by former British Officer Maj. Paddy Roy Bates. It boasts its own currency, postage stamps and passport.

  8. There is a sovereign principality named Sealand built on a former fortress six miles off the coast of Britain

  9. Sealand is the smallest country in international waters. People can purchase noble titles and become a lord or a lady. Sealand also sells ID cards and a piece of land on the principality to help sustain its independence for the years to come.

  10. About Sealand, an anti aircraft platform off the coast of England that became a sovereign principality in 1967.

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