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Britain's most remote bar. 'The Old Forge' pub is located in Inverie, which is so isolated in the Scottish Highlands that no roads connect the village to the rest of the country. Thirsty travelers need to hike 17 miles over very rough terrain, or take a 7-mile ferry ride,

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In 1903, two men and a pit bull made the first documented journey by automobile from San Francisco to New York using only a connection of dirt roads, cow paths, and railroad beds. The journey took 63 days, became a national sensation, and called for a system of long distance roads.

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  1. As their senior prank, a group of 90 students walked (between two buildings) across the same street continuously for 15 minutes, using an underground tunnel that connected the two buildings. They continue long enough to cause a traffic jam, and the line of cars extended far down the road.

  2. Street names follow a specific pattern. A Road connects two points. Street is a public way with buildings on both sides. Avenue is a public way often in a city, usually with trees or buildings on the side. Lane is a narrow road, often in a rural area, court ends in a circle or loop

  3. Even though North and South America are physically joined, there are no roads that connect the two continents.

  4. The Pan-American Highway doesn't actually connect North America and South America, there is a 100 mile gap of swampland and forest between Panama and Colombia with no roads, inhabited by drug runners

  5. There is a difference between a road and a street. A road connects two different places or towns, whereas a street is a small public road that is well within a city or town.

  6. One of Hitler's earliest political endeavors was an unprecedented connected road network throughout Germany in order for Germans to "explore and appreciate" their country. It set the foundation for modern-day highway networks.

  7. A couple people in Bath, UK opened a very short toll road connecting Bath and Bristol around a year ago. The toll road, which did not get a permit to be built, bypassed a short section of a main road that had a 14 mile long detour. They built the road in only 10 days.

  8. "Three days after Hurricane Katrina struck, authorities blocked the road that connects the city of Gretna to New Orleans. Thousands of evacuees say they were prevented from escaping the flooding and chaos, and that shots were fired over their heads."

  9. Kentucky and Missouri are the only neighboring states that have no direct road connection

  10. Queretaro has one of the best highway systems in Mexico. It has more than 350 miles of federal highways, which connect the state to Mexico City in the south and to other highways in the north that ultimately go to the United States. Queretaro's highway system is one of the features that has helped propel its economy, as the roads make shipping easier and allow tourists to travel to the state by land with far less hassle.

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The Archipelago Road Ring connects the most inhabited islands in the eastern archipelago in Finland's southwest region. It includes as many as 188 miles or roadway and 31 miles of waterways. This route passes through Turku, Raiso, Naantali, Merimasku, Askainen, Mietoinen, Taivassalo, Kustavi, Inio, Houtskar, Korpo, Nagu, Pargas, and Kaarina.

Chicago has many underground roads along with a lengthy 5 mile underground pedway that connects buildings, train stations and underground parking. - source

While North and South America are technically connected by land, there is a stretch of swamp and forest called the Darién Gap where there are no roads, making it impossible to traverse between the two continents by car - source

Roads connect multiple points, streets are lined with buildings, and courts are generally dead ends

Yucatan has a well-developed and maintained highway system. Mexico Federal Highway 180D is the main highway in the state, as it connects the capital of Merida to the popular resort city of Cancun. Most of the 150 mile long stretch of the highway is a toll-road.

What federal road connects geesthacht to hamburg?

By 1572, the Inca road system spanned 39900 kms (24800 mi), often traversing heights of up to 5000 kms (16000 ft) in the Los Andes range. Its longest highway was 6000 kms (3700 mi) long, connecting Ecuador and Argentina

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China built a $338 million 3km long bridge over the Yalu River that connects to North Korea but the project is stalled as North Korea has not built any roads connecting to its end of the bridge

Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, a city in mainland Russia, is not connected by road to any other Russian city.

The United States has a numerical system of bicycle routes similar to the system for roads and highways. As of September 2015, 21 parent routes and six child routes extend 11,424 miles across 23 states. The system, once fully connected, is projected to encompass over 50,000 miles of bike routes.

The city of Iqaluit in Canada, due to the city's isolation it has no road, rail, or even ship connections for part of the year to the rest of Canada.

The Dutch village of Giethoorn has no roads; its buildings are connected entirely by canals, footbridges and trails.

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The Inca Road System built in the 16th century stretches over 24000miles was made completely by hands and survives most rainfalls and seismic activity till date and it connects Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Ecuador and Peru

Peru technically has an Atlantic Ocean port. The city of Iquitos, with a population of 471,993, is the largest city without connection to the rest of its nation by road. However, ships can sail from Iquitos down the Amazon River into the Atlantic without impediment.

The 1930's plan to dredge a barge canal across the state of Florida to connect the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf of Mexico. The canal was about 28% complete when construction was cancelled, and to this day a State Road has a high bridge over a completed section.

China is planning a railway track from Xi'an in Central China to Venice in Europe called "The New Silk Road", which connects to "The New Maritime Silk Road", ultimately forming a looping traderoute over three continents.

There is only one road connecting the southern portion of Idaho to it's northern portion in its own state

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“The National Road” – First Highway in America. On March 29, 1806, Congress authorized construction of the road and President Thomas Jefferson signed the act establishing what was first called the Cumberland Road that would connect Cumberland, Maryland to the Ohio River.

There are no roads into Juneau Alaska - it is the only state capital not connected by roads to the rest of the state other than Honolulu.

The difference between roads and streets is that a road connects two towns or cities whereas a street is within a town or city and connects people to urban activity like shops and markets

There is only one road connecting Canada from east to west. When a bridge on that road split in 2016, the country was briefly cut in half.

The road that connects Edmonton, and Jasper, opened in 1928.

There is a single, mostly gravel, road that connects the North Slope of Alaska to the Western Hemisphere road network

China has a One Belt, One Road Policy that looks to create a new Silk Road connecting it to Europe and Asia, to counter US Trade Deals.

There is no road connecting North and South America. A Pan-American Highway (the world's longest road) would be completed if Panama and Colombia were connected via the Darien Gap.

Nara, Japan's first permanent capital, was modeled on the Chinese T’ang dynasty (618–907) capital, Ch’ang-an. A network of roads connected the capital with remote provinces

The only train station in Australia not to be connected by road is just north of Sydney

London planners originally planned to build 4 motorway ring roads in a project called ringways, they ended up having to cancel most the project due to lack of funding and public support. The M25 was then built by connecting up remnants from the ringways project

The ring road in Wolverhampton is split up into 7 sections. Each section is named after a Saint. Originally they were named after nearby churches but it was noticed that St David had been missed out, so the last section was named after him for sake of completion rather than a local connection.

The 4.3km stretch of road that connects the French Mainland with the Island of Noirmoutier in France disappears when the tide comes in.

There is a bridge that connects Malmo (Sweden) and Copenhagen (Denmark) which has 4 lanes of road and 2 railway lines.

A man named Dashrath Manjhi carved a road in a mountain single-handedly so that his village could be connected to a nearby village because his wife died without any treatment and the nearest doctor was 70 km away in the other village.

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