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Joe Pesci's "Am I a clown? Do I amuse you?" scene in Goodfellas was based on an anecdote from his life. Martin Scorsese liked the story so much, he had Pesci use it in the movie. Only Pesci and Ray Liotta knew that the scene would be improvised.

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Gangster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta's "Good Fellas" character was based on him) was put in the Federal Witness Program. However, after multiple relocations the Feds finally kicked him out because he kept getting drunk and telling his neighbors who he really was.

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  1. Many famous people have done voices on SpongeBob SquarePants including Dennis Quaid (Grandpa Redbeard), Kristen Wiig (Madame Hagfish), Ray Liotta (Trevor), Andy Samberg (Colonel Carper), Amy Poehler (Granny), Johnny Knoxville (Johnny Krill), David Bowie (Lord Royal Highness), and Johnny Depp (as Jack Kahuna Laguna) among others.

  2. Despite countless portrayals of famous Italians in film and on TV, actor Ray Liotta was actually adopted at 6 months old, and, by birth, is not of Italian descent

  3. Ray Liotta was the voice for Tommy Vercetti, the protagonist and the only playable character in GTA Vice City

  4. Ray Liotta's ancestry is actually Scottish. He was adopted by Italian parents in New Jersey.

  5. Near the end of the movie Goodfellas the agent who puts Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) in the Witness Protection Program is in fact the real federal agent, Edward McDonald, who put the real Henry Hill in the program.

  6. Ray Liotta was in an 80’s TV series remake (prequel) Casablanca

  7. Ray Liotta quit smoking with Chantix! Goodfellas Edition.

  8. In the real events the movie Goodfellas were based off of, Tommy (Joe Pesci) was killed because he tried to rape Henry Hill's (Ray Liotta) wife

  9. The scene in GoodFellas where Joe Pesci pretends to get angry at Ray Liotta for saying he is a "funny guy" was improvised.

  10. The scene in the Italian mafia movie GoodFellas where Ray Liotta calls Joe Pesci a "Funny Guy" and then Joe Pesci pretends to get mad at him was improvised.

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Irwin Winkler, producer of Goodfellas, didn't wanted Ray Liotta as Henry Hill. One day, Ray approached Winkler in a restaurant and asked for a minute alone. Next day, he was approved.

In the movie Goodfellas, Ray Liotta had his tie tied for him personally by Martin Scorsese to make sure he looked just right before every scene. - source

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