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The movies "Goodfellas" and "My Blue Heaven" are based on the same real-life gangster: Henry Hill.

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Gangster Henry Hill (Ray Liotta's "Good Fellas" character was based on him) was put in the Federal Witness Program. However, after multiple relocations the Feds finally kicked him out because he kept getting drunk and telling his neighbors who he really was.

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  1. Goodfellas and My Blue Heaven are about both about the same mobster - Henry Hill.

  2. The real life Henry Hill, the famed mobster whose life is depicted by "Goodfellas", was expelled from the witness protection program after being arrested several times.

  3. Henry Hill, the man who the movie Goodfellas is based on, opened a mob themed restaurant named "Wiseguys" in 2007 to capitalise on the films success. The restaurant burned down after a month of being open.

  4. Napoleon Hill interviewed Theodore Roosevelt, John D. Rockefeller, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Alexander Graham Bell, Elmer R. Gates, and Luther Burbank, among many others for the Law of Success.

  5. Steve Martin/Rick Moranis comedy "My Blue Heaven" is considered a spiritual sequel to Martin Scorsese's "GoodFellas", both based on the life of mobster Henry Hill. Both were researched together and released in 1990, "GF" written by Nicholas Pileggi and "MBH" written by Pileggi's wife Nora Ephron

  6. In 1990, the movie My Blue Heaven, with Steve Martin and Rick Moranis, was released in theaters 1 month before Goodfellas. Both movies are true accounts of the life of gangster Henry Hill

  7. The real prosecutor that put Henry Hill into witness protection Edward McDonald played himself in Goodfellas.

  8. Henry Hill whose life was depicted in the film 'Goodfellas', claimed it was 95% accurate in his portrayal

  9. Henry Hill, of *Goodfellas* fame, was in the 82nd Airborne division

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Former mobster Henry Hill, whose life was the basis Goodfellas, became a Howard Stern regular.

Goodfellas and My Blue Heaven are based upon the life of Henry Hill - source

Near the end of the movie Goodfellas the agent who puts Henry Hill (Ray Liotta) in the Witness Protection Program is in fact the real federal agent, Edward McDonald, who put the real Henry Hill in the program. - source

After the premiere of Goodfellas, the real Henry Hill went around and revealed his true identity. In response, the government kicked him out of the Federal Witness Protection Program.

In the real events the movie Goodfellas were based off of, Tommy (Joe Pesci) was killed because he tried to rape Henry Hill's (Ray Liotta) wife - source

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Henry Hill, the real-life gangster depicted in "Goodfellas", only first confessed to murdering three people years after the film's release. He admitted to murdering 3 people to Howard Stern and discussed it on the air.

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In Goodfellas, Warner Bros. originally wanted Tom Cruise & Madonna to play Henry & Karen Hill.

When mobsters like Henry Hill and other bosses are sent to prison in the movie Goodfellas, the real-life mobsters really did receive many high privileges as depicted in the movie, making prison life relatively easy on them (source: video incl. interview with real-life Hill)

Irwin Winkler, producer of Goodfellas, didn't wanted Ray Liotta as Henry Hill. One day, Ray approached Winkler in a restaurant and asked for a minute alone. Next day, he was approved.

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