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Italian author Umberto Eco said that social media "gives legions of idiots the right to speak when they once only spoke at a bar after a glass of wine, without harming the community...but now they have the same right to speak as a Nobel Prize winner. It's the invasion of the idiots."

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Dr.James Watson, Nobel Prize winner & co-discoverer of DNA's double helix structure, believed that babies shouldn't be considered alive until 3 days after birth so that if the baby is sick, disabled, deformed, or deemed otherwise unacceptable, the baby can be legally left to die or euthanized.

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  1. In the past 42 years over 51 million trees have been planted in Kenya by the Green Belt Movement founded by Nobel Peace Prize Winner Wangari Maathai.

  2. Two people have won the 1 million dollar prize on "Are You Smarter Than a Fifth Grader?" -- a superintendent from Georgia and the winner of the 2006 Nobel Prize in Physics.

  3. From 1995 to 2000, the winner of the McDonald's Monopoly grand prize was an insider tasked with producing the game pieces.

  4. In 1964 white business leaders in Atlanta refused to buy tickets to an event honoring recent Nobel Prize winner Martin Luther King. Coca-Cola recognized the potential PR disaster and threatened to leave the city unless people attended. The event sold out the next day.

  5. When the results began coming in from the 30 March 2005 Powerball drawing, lottery officials suspected fraud was underway because 110 players claimed second prizes of $100,000 or $500,000. All 110 players and the jackpot winner got their numbers from fortune cookies.

  6. A WW2 era chemist dissolved gold nobel prize medals in aqua reggia to hide them from nazis. after the war he recovered the gold from the solution and the medals were recast for the winners

  7. Retta, Parks and Rec's Donna Meagle, is the niece of Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Liberia's first female President and a winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.

  8. About "Curiosity", an 'experimental' online mobile game by Peter Molyneux promising the winner a 'life-changing' prize. There was a winner, back in May of 2013. He still hasn't gotten his prize.

  9. In the early 1990s, DJs Opie and Anthony promoted a giveaway of "100 Grand" over several weeks on their radio show in Boston. When the winner was finally chosen, they revealed that the prize was a 100 Grand candy bar and not $100,000.

  10. In 2005 the Powerball drawing produced 110 2nd-prize winners. The Multi-State Lottery Association thought it was fraud. It turned out the winners simply played the lucky numbers from their Wonton Food fortune cookies. The fortune read "All the preparation you've done will finally be paying off."

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Jewish Nobel Prize winners by country

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Science Nobel Prize winners by continent

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The Powerball drawing on March 30, 2005, produced 110 2nd-prize winners. The total payout was $19.4 million, 89 of them receiving $100,000 each, while the other 21 received $500,000 each. All 110 winners had played numbers from fortune cookies made by Wonton Food Inc

Nobel Prize winner Guglielmo Marconi had secured free passage on the Titanic's maiden voyage but decided to take an earlier ship to catch up on work. Three years later he disembarked the Lusitania right before it was sunk by a German U-Boat. - source

Researchers who measured the slipperiness of banana peels, the ability of pork strips to stop nosebleeds, and the reactions of reindeer to humans in polar bear suits were among the winners of 2014 Ig Nobel prizes. - source

Approximately 230 children were born around 1980-1999 by collecting sperm from 'genius donors' (like Nobel prize winners) in a eugenetic attempt to breed entire generations of geniuses.

Elie Wiesel, a Nobel Peace Prize winner and author of the Holocaust memoir "Night", started the Elie Wiesel Foundation For Humanity. The charity lost nearly $16 million in the Madoff Ponzi Scheme. Wiesel and his wife also lost their entire personal life savings. - source

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Guatemala has more Nobel Prize winners than it does Olympic medalists.

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The idea of directed panspermia, which suggests Earth was seeded by Aliens, was suggested by Nobel Prize winner Francis Crick, a molecular biologist, who was also the co-discoverer of the structure of DNA in 1953.

A famous study -- showing that people supposedly do better on "trick" questions when printed in a blurry font, which makes them concentrate -- was debunked as an artifact of small sample size. (The study was cited in Nobel-Prize-winner Daniel Kahneman's book "Thinking Fast and Slow.")

There was once a real-life replica of The Simpsons house, made for a contest. It was re-created from footage of more than 100 episodes of the show to get every facet of the house right. The winner, however, chose to accept a cash prize instead.

Many of China's lottery winners have donned masks (and some even full costumes) when claiming their multi-million prizes. This has led to photos of people dressed as Baymax, yellow bears, and even a giant panda holding the novelty cheques of their winnings.

In the UK, The National Lottery hunts for winners of unclaimed Lottery prizes, but in the U.S. they let it expire after one year without putting in effort to search for the winner.

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The Nobel Prize Ryder Cup: US versus European winners each year

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Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner in chemistry, was a eugenicist. He urged that human carriers of defective genes have a compulsory visible mark - such as forehead tattoos - to discourage potential mates with the same defect, having kids together.

The US Army's GI Bill assisted in the education of 14 Nobel laureates, 24 Pulitzer Prize winners, and three Supreme Court justices

Game show winnings in the U.S., including non-cash prizes, are highly taxed. Taxes can surpass 50% depending on which state the winner lives in.

New York's Bronx High School of Science has produced so many Nobel Prize winners that, if Bronx were a country, it would be tied with Norway for 14th most.

110 people once tied for second prize in the Powerball lottery. Officials suspected cheating but discovered that the winners had all used the "lucky numbers" off copies of the same fortune from fortune cookies.

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The Pepsi-Cola company of the Philippines won an Ig Nobel Peace Prize "for sponsoring a contest to create a millionaire and then announcing the wrong winning number, which incited and united 800,000 expectant winners, bringing many warring factions together for the first time".

A contest was started to invite designs for the park with a cash prize of $50,000 to be awarded to the winner. The winner was Maya Lin, a 21-year old Yale University undergraduate, with entry number 1026. There were a total of 1,421 designs submitted to the contest.

The resulting argument over discovery led to lengthy controversy among the scientific community due to the naming of seaborgium after Nobel Prize-winner Glenn Seaborg.

He elaborated on an idea first proposed by 1922 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine winner, Archibald Hill, that a central governor regulates exercise.

Famous scientists with Hispanic heritage include Severo Ochoa, Luis Walter Alvarez, and Mario Molina (Nobel Prize winners), and Ellen Ochoa, Franklin Chang-Diaz, and Carlos Noriega (astronauts).

Doris Lessing won many awards in her lifetime including the 2007 Nobel Prize in Literature. She was 88 years old at the time and was the oldest winner of the prize in literature at the time. She was also only the 11th woman to win the prize in literature.

Despite a shortage of first rate laboratories and libraries, during the 1930's and 1940's CCNY graduated eight future Nobel Prize winners and more PhD recipients than other university except the University of California, Berkeley.

Nobel-prize winners Francis Crick and Kary Mullis both used LSD to aid their discoveries

Due to non-cash prizes, winners of "The Price Is Right" often risk losing their items due to the sudden tax increase. California even requires you pay the taxes before you can receive your winnings.

Richard Feynman declined request for information for Jewish Nobel Prize winners book saying "To select, for approbation the peculiar elements that come from some supposedly Jewish heredity is to open the door to all kinds of nonsense on racial theory".

She was the first woman to receive the Copley Medal,was a Fellow of the Royal Society and winner of the Lenin Peace Prize.

After her husband (Fritz Haber, Nobel Prize winner) returned home from the front lines, having recently helped unleash chemical weapons onto the battle field for the first time, Clara Immerwahr shot herself in the heart with his military issue pistol in protest.

When Terman first used the IQ test to select a sample of child geniuses, two pupils were rejected because their IQ scores were too low. They grew up to be Nobel Prize winners in physics. Not one of the qualified children received so high an honor as adults.

Henry Kissinger, winner of the 1973 Nobel Peace Prize, was involved in the secret 1969–1975 bombings of North Vietnamese Army troops in Cambodia, Operation Condor; a campaign of kidnappings and murder and the death of French nationals under the Chilean junta.

Berkeley has a special parking lot for Nobel prize winners only

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