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Autrian ethologist Karl von Frisch was nominated for the Noble Prize in 1927 for his work on deciphering the Waggle dance of honey bees. Using the Waggle dance, a bee communicates to other worker bees the direction and distance of the most productive flowers using the angle of the sun.

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Wright Laboratory won the 2007 Ig Noble Peace Prize for "instigating research & development on a chemical weapon" called 'The Gay Bomb' it was a bomb that when used, discharges female sex pheromones over enemy forces in order to make them sexually attracted to each other.

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  1. A team of four scientists discovered that that, biochemically, romantic love may be indistinguishable from having severe obsessive-compulsive disorder. This led to them being awarded the Ig Noble Prize in Chemistry for the year 2000.

  2. In 1901 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Medicine and received a noble title.

  3. The Traitorous Eight, a group of lab employees who disagreed with manager William Shockley (Noble Prize physics laureate) over the continuation of research of silicon-based semiconductors. The group then left the lab and founded the first major successful tech company in Silicon Valley.

  4. In 1925 the US vice-president Charles Dawes won a noble peace prize for suggesting that the US lends money to Germany to pay reparation payments to France and UK, who in turn would use the money to repay their war debts to the US.

  5. Nikola Tesla turned down the Noble Prize. He was responsible for creating/discovering: A/C Power, Neon & Florescent Lights, X-Rays, Radio, Remote Controls, Bio-Electricity, Bio-Physics and the Tesla Coil. He also had plans to provide free electricity to all.

  6. There is the Alfred Noble Prize in engineering, having no relation to the Nobel Prize. The former is named after Alfred Noble, and the latter named after Alfred Nobel.

  7. Adolf Hiter was nominated for a Noble Peace prize as a joke from a Member of Swedish Parliament

  8. The Ig Noble Prize a parody of the Nobel Prizes that is awarded to 10 individuals for unusual or trivial achievements in scientific research

  9. You earn nearly a million dollars USD for winning a noble peace prize.

  10. Two Russian scientists won the noble prize for applying scotch tape to a pencil

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Kendrick Lamar was the first non-classical, non-jazz musician to win a Noble Prize for music with his album DAMN. - source

As of late 2013,the noble prize for economics has been awarded to 74 individuals out of which 26 are Jewish. - source

There is such thing as the IG NOBLE PRIZES for research that "first makes people laugh, then makes them think"

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