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The Judas Goat - in an effort to rid the Galapagos Islands of goats, park rangers sterilize and inject hormones into a female goat putting her into heat. The wild goats are attracted to her and rangers shoot all of her potential mates.

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Linus Pauling, a Nobel prize winner in chemistry, was a eugenicist. He urged that human carriers of defective genes have a compulsory visible mark - such as forehead tattoos - to discourage potential mates with the same defect, having kids together.

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  1. The Madagascan dwarf chameleon which is only slightly larger than an ant. They are so small, that when a male comes across a potential mate, he will hold tight to her and won't let go.

  2. Mating season of moor frogs takes place during the spring (from March to June). Males become bluish-colored to facilitate identification of potential mating partners (brown-colored females).

  3. Mating season takes place during the April and May. Spectacled caimans produce roaring sounds, rub each others" backs and snouts, produce bubbles and circulate around potential partners when they are ready to mate.

  4. In societies with a high prevalence of parasites or diseases, greater emphasis is placed on the physical attractiveness/good looks of potential mates, compared to members of societies with a lower prevalence of parasites or diseases who put less emphasis on physical attractiveness.

  5. Sharks has a "Sixth Sense" they can use to detect electrical signals in water, making it able to detect pray and potential mates, and even human made batteries. This effect is known as "Electroreception"

  6. A zoo hoped to increase breeding chances of a female orangutan by showing pictures of potential mates to her in an experiment it has called "Tinder for orangutans".

  7. Main purpose of feathers was to attract potential mates, provide insulation and generate heat required for the incubation of eggs.

  8. When choosing potential mates, people who have little to no unusual or mutant facial features are generally preferred over those with unique features.

  9. Drunken flies get hypersexual: Chronic boozing sends male flies chasing after any and every potential mate.

  10. Biologists found a lung-less frog and a "ninja slug" that throws hormone infused "love darts" at it's potential mates in the wilderness of Borneo in 2010.

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Male humpback dolphins offer gifts and use "wingmen" to attract potential mates.

Monitor lizard is solitary creature. It uses scent glands in the tail to mark its territory, feeding area and basking grounds. Some monitor lizards spend their entire life in the same area, while others travel large distances to find better sources of food and potential mating partners.

A male Narwhal’s tusk length directly correlates with the size of his testicles and researchers theorize the length of their tusk has evolved into a signal of their virility and mating potential. - source

There's a Type of Duck That Lassos its Potential Mates with its Penis

Sterile insect technique (SIT) is a species-specific and environmentally nonpolluting method of insect control that relies on the release of large numbers of sterile insects. Mating of released sterile males with native females leads to a decrease in the females' reproductive potential. - source

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Spiders tune their webs like guitars and pluck their strings to separate potential food from potential mates

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House mice can avoid inbreeding by smelling potential mating partners

Mouse populations in a experimental "eutopic" environment with enough food, housing nests, space and no predators will have a social collapse way before the population potential is reached and thereby dooming the population to die out due to a stop of mating and anarchy.

There is a species of monkey in Brazil where the females throw rocks at their potential male mates to gain their attention

Starting in early spring, male American woodcocks perform a "sky dance" to woo potential mates

Fireflies flash potential mates. Many species of Coleoptera Lampyridae hook up after communicating with long, slow glows and quick light signals.

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A parasite that spreads from cats to rats, it causes the rat not to fear cats and to even view them as potential mates, making them more likely to get eaten and spread the parasite to more cats

There are only 4 northern white rhinos left in the world (1m/3f). The male is 42, his chances of successfully mating are close to 0. There is a Go Fund Me to help develop vitro fertilization and embryo transfer to potentially save them.

"as the time of mating draws near and there is an increased risk of ending up unpaired, all males become indifferent to the quality of potential mates."

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