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All male Anglerfish will starve to death as virgins if they do not find and bite the belly of a female where they will remain permanently attached, nourished by her blood, and breathing through their own gills. Their eyes and fins atrophy away. And they must forever provide sperm on demand.

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Only female Anglerfish have lures and actively look for food. The males are tiny and pale and spend their entire life finding and fusing to female Anglers, where they begin to degenerate until they are little more than a pair of gonads providing sperm to the female on her command.

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  1. When Anglerfish mate, they melt into each other and share their bodies forever. If a male finds a female, he latches on and fuses to her, losing his internal organs until they share a bloodstream.

  2. When a male anglerfish finds a female, he will bite down and latch onto her body, where his tissues and circulatory systems will fuse with hers. In exchange for nutrients from the female, the male loses his eyes, fins, teeth, and most internal organs, only serving as a sperm bank for her.'

  3. When a male Anglerfish finds a female, he bites into her skin, and releases an enzyme that digests the skin of his mouth and her body, fusing the pair down to the blood-vessel level

  4. When a young, free-swimming male anglerfish encounters a female, he latches onto her with his sharp teeth. Over time, the male physically fuses with the female, connecting to her skin and bloodstream and losing his eyes and all his internal organs except the testes.

  5. When scientists first started capturing ceratioid anglerfish, they noticed that all of the specimens were female and almost all of them had what appeared to be parasites attached to them. It turned out that these "parasites" were highly reduced male ceratioids. the Anglerfish are polyandrous.

  6. In the Humpback anglerfish, the male fuses onto the female like a parasite(or it will die), and its only purpose is to provide sperm.

  7. Male triplewart seadevils (a species of anglerfish) are tiny rudimentary creatures with stunted digestive systems that must find a female and attach to her near the vent; he then lives on her parasitically, becoming little more than a sperm-producing appendage

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When mating, the male Anglerfish bites onto the underside of its female counterpart, becoming a parasite and fusing onto it.

The male Anglerfish becomes a part of the female Anglerfish's body after sex and stays alive for the rest of female's life. - source

Anglerfish have the strangest mating ritual: the male (1/40th the size of the female) bites into the female, slowly fusing to form a fleshy appendage ready to provide sperm when required. - source

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