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Harry Daghlian, a 24 year-old physicist with the Manhattan Project. He accidentally dropped a brick into the centre of a plutonium core and exposed himself to a lethal dose of radiation, dying 25 days after the accident.

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The demon core was a palm sized orb of plutonium responsible for the death of scientists on two separate occasions. Both incidents included a slip of the wrist, resulting in a millisecond long burst of radiation. Blue light was emmited in the second incident.

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  1. The Demon Core was a piece of plutonium intended to be used in a third atomic bomb to drop on Japan... due to lax saftely standards, its criticality was being regulated with just a screwdriver, and two physicists were killed maintaining it

  2. About the "Demon Core', a 6.2 kg subcritical mass of plutonium that briefly went critical during two separate experiments, killing two members of the Manhattan Project

  3. Louis Slotin, a scientist who died while working on the Manhattan Project. He accidentally dropped a hemisphere of beryllium on a plutonium core; witnesses saw glowing blue light and felt a heat wave. He died nine days later. The plutonium core was later nicknamed the "demon core".

  4. A Nuclear Weapons Accident that occurred on March 10, 1956. A B-47 Stratojet carrying two plutonium cores was lost over the Mediterranean. Despite an extensive search, the plane and it's cargo was not located and it's fate remains unknown today.

  5. While the U.S. was researching nuclear devices, there was a certain sphere of plutonium dubbed the "Demon Core," as it went supercritical and killed two scientists on two different occasions as they were studying it.

  6. About "The Demon Core", a mass of plutonium that was responsible for the death of two scientists on two separate occasions.

  7. A single plutonium core, dubbed the "Demon Core," killed two scientists developing the atom bomb in two separate incidents. The second experiment, which involved using only the tip of a screwdriver to prevent criticality, has since been dubbed "Tickling The Dragons Tail."

  8. About the Demon Core, a 6.2 kilogram mass of plutonium. It was named as such after it claimed the lives of two scientists at Los Alamos Labratory in 1945/1946

  9. Both the first and the second person to die from an accidental uncontrolled nuclear reaction were working with the same plutonium core, in separate incidents - This lead the core to be nicknamed "The Demon Core"

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A plutonium core came to be known as "The Demon Core" after two scientists who working on the Manhattan Project died in separate radiation accidents while experimenting on the core

In Louis Slotin died from radiation poisoning when his hand slipped dropping a neutron reflecting shield over a plutonium core causing it to go critical. He was the second fatality from this core that became known as the "demon core." - source

There was a single plutonium core known as the "Demon Core" that was involved in 2 different criticality incidents, each killing a scientist, and eventually being used in a bomb test with Operation Crossroads

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The Demon Core, a 6.2kg sphere of plutonium that took the lives of two scientists in accidents less than a year apart at Los Alamos.

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A nuclear bomb is still quite destructive without the plutonium core.

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