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Doctors managed to keep Hisashi Ouchi alive for 83 days after he was blasted with 17 sieverts of radiation, the highest recorded dose any human has ever received. Estimated to be the equivalent to the epicenter of the Hiroshima bomb, the radiation annihilated his DNA and immune system.

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Hisashi Ouchi a technician working at Japanese Nuclear Fuel Conversion was exposed to beyond fatal amounts of radiation, in a way that none of his chromosomes could be identified after the accident. Still, doctors managed to keep him alive for 83 days against his wishes.

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  1. About Hisashi Ouchi. He was exposed to more radiation than anybody in history, and and then his skinless, skeletal body was kept alive by doctors for an agonizing 83 days against his wishes

  2. On Sept 30th, 1999 a worker at the Tokaimura Nuclear site in Japan: Hisashi Ouchi received a fatal dose of 17 sieverts of radiation. He was kept alive for 83 days.

  3. In 1999, due to extremely lax safety protocols in Japan, a Nuclear processing plant suffered a criticality accident , which caused the deaths of 2 people, including a man named Hisashi Ouchi, but not before suffering terribly and being used as a human guinea pig for Japanese researchers.

  4. On the 30th September 1999, two men were involved in a nuclear fission accident in the Tokai-mura nuclear facility in Japan. One of the workers, Hisashi Ouchi, was kept alive by doctors for 83 days while suffering from acute radiation sickness.

  5. About Hisashi Ouchi, who received a lethal dose of radiation in the Tokaimura Nuclear Accident. Ouchi was kept alive for 85 days while every organ in his body failed, as doctors studied his body's failure.

  6. Hisashi Ouchi, a victim of the Tokaimura nuclear disaster. He was subjected to so much gamma radiation that his DNA melted.

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