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Former Wonder Woman star Lynda Carter is married to the Robert Altman, CEO of ZeniMax Media. ZeniMax is the parent company of Bethesda, which is why Carter has so many voice roles in the Elder Scrolls and Fallout games.

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Michelin - a company which awards prestigious star ratings to restaurants - go to extraordinary lengths to maintain the anonymity of their restaurant inspectors, even advising them not to tell their parents about their line of work.

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  1. In that Quebec, Sweden and Norway it is illegal to advertise to children. This to keep companies from encouraging children to beg their parents for stuff.

  2. The IRS is capable of filling out taxes for Americans themselves, but several companies stand in the way of this tax change, including the parent company of TurboTax.

  3. Hundreds of schools collapsed during the 2008 Sichuan earthquake, killing more than 5000 students. Instead of conducting investigations into the companies responsible, the government threatened and arrested the griefing parents protesting against the death of their children

  4. A company, Caroline's Cart, makes shopping carts for parents of children with special needs so they don't have to push a cart and wheelchair at the same time.

  5. The company that produced Zyklon B for gas chambers during the holocaust, Degesch, is still in business under a different parent company, and still produces the chemical that made up Zyklon B under the name 'Cyanosil'

  6. Sweden offers 480 days of paid parental leaves. The 480 days are divided between the two parents and 60 of those are reserved for the dad. The government pays 80% of salary and the company pays the other 20%.

  7. Someone who is under the age of 21 in Wisconsin (and some other states) can legally be served alcohol at a bar and/or restaurant if they are in the company of a parent, guardian, or spouse who is over the age of 21.

  8. During a school project, two girls discovered that Ribena had been lying about its vitamin C content. They took the parent company to court, who was then forced to pay $1.7m in fines.

  9. The Massachusetts Bay Company had a "Stubborn Child Law" that allowed parents to put their defiant children to death

  10. The Hudson's Bay Company, the fur trading company that was once the largest land holder in North America, still exists and is the parent corporation for Lord & Taylor and Saks Fifth Avenue

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parent company fact data chart about Distribution of Parental Leave Policies at 1,500 U.S. Compan
Distribution of Parental Leave Policies at 1,500 U.S. Companies

parent company fact data chart about I mapped the network of corporate investments by Alphabet (G
I mapped the network of corporate investments by Alphabet (Google's parent company)

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Although a professional athlete and advocate of healthy living, King supported cigarette bran Virginia Slims" sponsorship of women's tennis and later served on the corporate board of its parent company, Philip Morris.

In 1987 one of Heineken’s retailers started a rumor that urine was one of Corona’s components to stop growing sales. Corona’s parent company sued for damages and reached a settlement. - source

Real estate competitors Century 21, ERA, Coldwell Banker, and Sotheby's are owned by the same parent company - source

IG Farben, Bayer’s parent company in WW II, had extensive ties to the Third Reich, according to Auschwitz concentration camp documents. The company actually ran its own concentration camp where at least 30,000 slave workers died

The 800 relocated families and the Environmental Protection Agency sued Occidental Petroleum for $129 million. This was the parent company of Hooker Chemical Company.

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Merck, the chemical and pharmaceutical company (that was also the parent corporation of US-based Merck & Co.) is 349 years old. It was founded in Darmstadt by a German pharmacist Friedrich Jacob Merck in 1668. His family still owns majority of the shares.

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North Face, Timberland, JanSport, Vans, Wrangler, Lee, and Nautica are owned by the same parent company.

The Tandy Corporation (parent company of RadioShack) had a privately owned subway to carry people between its headquarters and a parking lot 0.7 miles away

Despite its unpopularity in the USA due to its name, BIMBO is the largest bread manufacturer in the world. They are the parent company of brands such as Sara Lee, Oroweat and 100+ others.

As of 2008, Swedish coins are now minted by Myntverket's parent company, Mint of Finland Ltd in Helsinki, Finland, ending a 1012 year history of minting Swedish coins in Sweden.

When the cruise ship MV Aurora was christened the champagne bottle did not smash, an occurrence considered a bad omen. It has since had two Norovirus outbreaks, broke down during a 103-day world cruise costing its parent company £25m, and was caught up in the 9/11 attacks.

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National Geographic was sold this fall by its nonprofit parent organization to 21st Century Fox, a for-profit company controlled by Rupert Murdoch

The parent company of Taco Bell, Pizza Hut and KFC is trying a Bahn Mi (Vietnamese sandwich) restaurant

Doctor's Associates Inc, Subway's parent company, got its name because one of its founders has a doctorate in physics.

Time Warner, one of the largest media companies in the world and parent of Warner Brothers, owns the rights to the Guy Fawkes/Anonymous mask and is paid a licensing fee for every sale.

Debbie McKee-Fowler is the real Little Debbie who is currently the Executive Vice President of Little Debbie's parent company, McKee Foods.

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ITT (parent company of ITT Tech Schools) has been involved with Nazis, coups in Brazil, RNC scandal, and Pinochet coup in Chile

In 2015, Google parent company Alphabet bought back a bunch of stock for $5,099,019,513.59 which is the square root of 26, the number of letters in the alphabet, times a billion"

VISA (the credit card processing company) is actually a recursive acronym that stands for Visa International Service Association. It is the parent company of all the regional Visas.

That, since 2012, all Beck's beer sold in the US is produced at Anheuser-Busch's facility in St. Louis, MO. Parent company AB-InBev is currently facing a class action lawsuit for false advertising.

Toyota is a major stakeholder in Fuji Heavy Industries, parent company of Subaru

The Herstal Group is the parent company of firearm manufacturers Fabrique Nationale, Browning Arms Company and the U.S. Repeating Arms Company (AKA Winchester). The parent company itself is owned by the government of the Walloon region of Belgium.

Arby's purchased* Buffalo Wild Wings for about $2.4 billion plus debt on 2/5/2018 with Arby's Group renamed to Inspire Brands an holding parent company to Arby's, Buffalo Wild Wings, R Taco with each keeping their brands, name, logos, and operating autonomously.

Ticketmaster's parent company Live Nation owns, leases, operates, has booking rights and/or has an equity interest in over 100 different music venues

Facebook offers 4 months of paid parental leave to new fathers who work for the company.

Mojang AB former CEO challenged Bethesda, the parent company of ZeniMax Media, to a game of Quake 3 to settle a lawsuit filed against Mojang due to trademark infrigement.

There is a 'secret' scheduled direct flight between Israel and Egypt with unmarked planes under the name of Air Sinai, as for politically reasons it cannot be handled by the parent company EgyptAir.

The Economist Group, the parent company of The Economist is 50% owned by the Rothschild family and the Agnelli Family

In 1984 a fire was started by arson at a haunted house attraction at Six Flags Great Adventure, killing 8 teenage visitors. Six Flags Great Adventure and its parent company Six Flags were indicted for aggravated manslaughter, but later acquitted by a jury

The parent company of many baked goods brands like Entenmann's, Sara Lee, and Thomas' English Muffins is "BIMBO BAKERIES"

AT&T, along with Chernin Group, owns Rooster Teeth. This is because Rooster Teeth's parent company's (Fullscreen) parent company's (Otter Media) parent company is AT&T.

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