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Comcast (NBC Universal) owns 70% of Rotten Tomatoes and Warner Bros the remaining 30%

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Comcast owns the Despicable Me series and many other films through owning Universal Studios

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  1. Universal Pictures/Studios is a fully owned subsidiary of Comcast

  2. Comcast owned MSNBC is 85% opinionated news and only 15% factual news.

  3. Hulu is owned three major cable companies (including Comcast) which is the main reason it charges a fee AND still shows advertisements to it's customers. It fits their core model.

  4. Comcast has owned a 100% stake in NBC/Universal since 2013

  5. Comcast had secretly turned every customer's home into a public hotspot, and most people probably haven't noticed; and are employing more nefarious methods of discouraging people from owning their own hardware.

  6. The Great Satan Comcast owns Universal Pictures, SyFy, MSNBC, Dreamworks and about a thousand other companies.

  7. The Philadelphia Flyers ice hockey team is owned by Comcast

  8. In 1983, fifty individual corporations owned 90% of American media. As of today, only 6 companies controlled 90% of all American media: Disney, Time Warner, CBS, Viacom, News Corporation, and Comcast.

  9. Rottentomatoes is owned by Comcast (70%) and Time Warner (30%)

  10. Brian Roberts, CEO of Comcast Corporation, owns just .4% of Comcast's equity, but controls 1/3 of all the votes in the Board of Directors elections

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Tennessee lawmakers recently passed HB-0529 giving AT&T, Comcast Millions in new taxpayer Subsidies, while banning a City-Owned ISP from expanding broadband at no cost to taxpayers.

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