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In preparation for a state visit by Nicolae Ceausescu, Elizabeth II ordered the guest rooms of Buckingham Palace be stripped of valuables for fears that they'd be stolen. She later described the visit as the worst three days of her life

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Mistakenly believing that the crowd at his final speech was adoring him, Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu was witnessing mass protests forcing him and his wife to escape their palace by helicopter. 4 days later they were tried and executed.

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  1. There was supposed to be a planned coup d'état for former Romanian president Nicolae Ceausesu in October 1984, but the military unit that planned to execute it was assigned to harvest maize at the time, foiling the plan. Ceausescu was later executed on Christmas 1989 on live TV.

  2. Elena Ceausescu, wife of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu and a self proclaimed world class chemist, was nicknamed "codoi", her alleged mispronounciation of CO2 ("doi" means two in Romanian). Adding to the humour, "codoi" is an actual word in Romanian, meaning "big tail".

  3. The Palace of the Parliament in Bucharest, Romania, is the third largest building by volume in the world. Built by dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, it required the demolition of thousands of historic buildings and the eviction of 40,000 residents. Today the palace is 70% empty.

  4. Elena Ceausescu, wife of Romanian dictator Nicolae Ceausescu, in 1989 became the last woman in Europe to be executed by judicial ruling.

  5. Queen Elizabeth II once hid behind a bush in Buckingham Palace, to avoid having to engage Romania’s then leader Nicolae Ceausescu in conversation, during a state visit to the United Kingdom.

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