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Chinese leader Mao had relations with a 14 year old girl and the girl's father tried to write an outraged letter to him after learning about it. But the post office brought the letter back and warned that insulting the Chairman could lead to extreme retribution or death

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During the Cold War, Chairman Mao held meetings in his swimming pool to embarrass Nikola Khrushchev, who had to wear a floaty as he couldn’t swim. Khrushchev felt insulted and the incident furthered the deterioration of relations between the Soviet Union and China

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  1. During the Cold War, Chairman Mao held meetings in his swimming pool to embarrass Nikola Khrushchev, who had to wear a floatie as he couldn’t swim. Khrushchev felt insulted and the incident furthered the deterioration of relations between the Soviet Union and China.

  2. No one in China expected that Chairman Mao would die, so there were no preparations at all for his death. Mao's body was drained of fluids, injected with formaldehyde, and it was said his head swelled up “like a football”

  3. Chairman Mao once gifted Richard Nixon 200 grams of very rare tea. President Nixon found this to be an insulting gift, until he was told it was close to half of China’s entire annual harvest of that tea.

  4. Chairman Mao told the Japanese PM in 1972 not to apologise for what Japan did in WW2 because they destroyed the Nationalists and helped them come to power.

  5. Chairman Mao proposed sending 10 million Chinese women to The US in order to create 'disaster'.

  6. Tiananmen Square contains the Great Hall of the People, the Monument to the People's Heroes, the National Museum of China, and the Chairman Mao Zedong Memorial Hall.

  7. When Chairman Mao of China learned his deputy Zhou Enali had bladder cancer, he refused to allow Enali to be told of it and order that he should not receive treatment despite the fact that it had an 80-90% chance of success

  8. Tian Han, the lyricist for China's national anthem, was later denounced and accused of criticizing Chairman Mao and the CCP with his play, ultimately dying in prison during the Cultural Revolution

  9. The only American Soldier in WWII to escape through China met with Chairman Mao & was gifted with several Chinese Rugs

  10. Chairman Mao declared South Asian tigers as “enemies of the people”; as a result several “anti-pest” campaigns were launched that brought these animals to the brink of extinction

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Contrary to popular belief "Traditional Chinese Medicine" was more or less created by Chairman Mao, and that he didn't believe in it.

Chairman Mao promoted higher birth rates and China's population grew from 550 million to over 900 million during his reign. He then reversed his policy. - source

Chairman Mao originally groomed his son to succeed him as head of China but he was killed in the Korean war. None of Mao's other children or wives were fit to succeed him so he appointed non-relative successor Hua Guofeng - source

In 1960s China, a mango given by Chairman Mao to the workers was soon revered as a relic. People soon turned to a fervent mango cult with wax mango replicas being toured and worshipped around the country.

Chairman Mao had terrible personal hygiene - source

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Chairman Mao was responsible for death of over 40M of his own people and was also a known pedophile.

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Many Chinese competed to see who was more loyal to Chairman Mao when he died. Groups of people weeped in front of Mao portraits, beat their chests, screaming and howling as if in a wailing competition.

Chairman Mao, the founder of Communist China loved mangoes describing their taste as a "spiritual time bomb." Because of his love of mangoes they became used in propaganda, with wax replicas being sent to villages and factories to symbolize their loyalty to Mao.

A famine attributed mostly to mismanagement by Chairman Mao caused the death of 30 million people (median) in the early 1960s, equivalent to wiping out the entire NYC and LA metro area.

The Dalai Lama said that he had such good relations with Chairman Mao Zedong that he regarded him as “a father”. As a young man he was “attracted by some aspects of Communism”

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Chairman Mao's third wife was banned from visiting the Mao mausoleum, for reasons never explained by the Chinese government. After more than a year of repeated appeals and by which time nearly two million people had already visited the mausoleum, she was finally allowed a single secret visit

One of Chairman Mao's grandsons is a Major General rank in China's Army

Gerald Ford's 1975 meeting with Chairman Mao lasted 50 minutes longer than the famous Nixon meeting. The specific topics were not disclosed but Ford said it was a 'significant conversation'

Chairman Mao infected several women with an STD. However, "the young women were proud to be infected. The illness transmitted by Mao was a badge of honor and testimony to their close relations with the Chairman" according to his doctor.

The secretary to Chairman Mao was jailed for speaking out against the party and is now a 100+ year old advocate for Democracy in China

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Soviet agents secretly collected Chairman Mao's poop for analysis on a visit he made to the Soviet Union

Although mangoes were almost unheard of in China before, they were popularized during the Cultural Revolution as symbols of Chairman Mao Zedong's love for the people.

Quotations from Chairman Mao Tse-tung in 117 countries and territories around the world by 1967. Some sources claim that over 6.5 billion printed volumes have been distributed. It was an essentially unofficial requirement for every Chinese citizen to own, read, and carry it at all times

Chairman Mao's successor Hua Guofeng started a personality campaign to groom his image as much as possible to resemble Mao, by publishing posters that showed himself in Mao poses and even adopted his predecessor's swept-back hairdo. Hua was out of office within a few years

The culture of the People's Republic of China before 1978 was highly influenced by the personality cult of Mao Zedong. Most people were required to recite the Quotations of Chairman Mao and printed material at that time usually quoted Mao's words in bold as well as in the preface

Chinese premier Zhou Enlai co-produced, wrote, and directed a play to promote the personality cult of Chairman Mao, titled "March Forward under the Banner of Mao Zedong Thought". It was staged repeatedly in Beijing in order to ensure that all residents would be able to see it

The most reproduced painting in history is that of Chairman Mao - about 900 million times!

China's People Liberation Army march during the regime of Chairman Mao was performed by the North Korean Army Chorus in both Mandarin Chinese and Korean

Jin Yunying, the sister of China's last Emperor, was a Chinese princess of Manchu descent. She wrote an autobiography that was presented to Chairman Mao to read. Mao commented, "A person who enters society becomes someone with aspirations."

in 1958, Chairman Mao ordered the killing of all sparrows since they threatened crops. It backfired, since the near-extinction of the sparrows lead to more bugs eating crops. This resulted in the deaths of forty-five million people.

In 1968 a gift from Chairman Mao accidentally started a mango-worshipping cult in China

Chairman Mao, the founder of Communist China loved mangoes describing their taste as a "spiritual time bomb." As a result mangoes became a sign of loyalty to Mao. One man who compared a mango to a sweet potato was executed.

Stalin 'used a secret laboratory to analyze Chairman Mao's poop'

A white Canadian physician, Dr, Norman Bethune, is revered in China, has a statue..and students were required to memorize Chairman Mao's eulogy to him!

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