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John F. Kennedy's brain was removed and stored in the National Archive after his autopsy. The brain was subsequently lost and remains missing to this day.

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After President Kennedy was shot Jackie Kennedy wore her blood-soaked, pink dress to both the hospital and the swearing in of President Johnson. The unlaundered suit was donated to the National Archives and Records Administration and will not be placed on public display until 2103.

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  1. The infamous 18 1/2 minute gap in the Nixon tapes was not one gap, but five to nine separate erasures. The tape is preserved in the National Archives in the hope we may someday recover what was erased.

  2. Due to an agreement between the National Archives and Caroline Kennedy, the jacket which Jackie Kennedy wore on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated can not be displayed in public until the year 2103.

  3. A bill named the COVFEFE Act was introduced in 2017 to ensure internet communication from the President, via Twitter or other means, is preserved and stored in the National Archives

  4. The Declaration of Independence housed at the National Archives in Washington, D.C. is not the draft approved on July 4th by Continental Congress. This copy was formally made after the approval of the final text. The rough draft is housed at the Library of Congress.

  5. The four pages of the United States Constitution have been on display at the National Archives Building located in Washington, DC since 1952.

  6. Today the Constitution is on display in Washington, DC at the National Archives Building. It has been there since 1952. It is kept under special conditions to preserve the four pages.

  7. Germany has an enormous underground archive to save the nation's cultural heritage from natural or man-made disaster.

  8. Due to an agreement between the National Archives and Caroline Kennedy, the jacket Jackie Kennedy wore on the day John F. Kennedy was assassinated cannot be displayed in public until 2103.

  9. Guy Fawkes signed a confession, which is still in the National Archives.

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The National Film Registry is an archive of films deemed so important that they must be preserved forever.

FDR stated explicitly that he wanted any memorial dedicated to him to be incredibly modest and that it should, at most, consist of a block the size of his desk. A memorial satisfying these requirements can be found in front of the National Archives. - source

JFK's brain went missing from the national archives 3 years after his assassination, conspiracy theorists say that this is because the government want to hide the fact he was shot from the front and not the back. - source

The US National Archives is missing almost 200 historical documents, including the patents for the Cotton Gin and the Wright Brothers Flying Machine, three swords and two daggers.

The Bill of Rights is on display in Washington D.C. at the National Archives.

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It's unknown whether or not a copy of the original or extended cut of Star Wars was archived by the National Film Registry, since they have a mandate to register selected films, but no actual authority to secure its collections from authors/ copyright owners.

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In 2012, The National Archives published schematics and details of a 1950s military venture, named Project 1794, to build a supersonic flying saucer. Declassified materials show the saucer was to reach top speed of between Mach3-to-4, a 100K+ foot ceiling and a maximum range ~1K nautical miles.

The National Archives estimates that their most requested picture of all time is the picture where President Nixon meets Elvis Presley.

The US National Archive saves all of the presidents' doodles.

The Finnish national archive collects letters addressed to Santa Claus

In 1983 an art student walked into the National Archives in Canada and poured a mixture of paint and glue on the Canadian Constitution to "graphically illustrate to Canadians" his displeasure with the government. The vandalism has never been removed for fear that it might make the damage worse.

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Jackie Kennedy's blood-stained pink Chanel suit, stained with the blood of John F. Kennedy, was donated, unlaundered, to the National Archives and Records Administration and won't be displayed until 2103

The most requested item in the U.S. National Archives -- more popular than the photos of the moon landing, the Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights -- is the iconic image showing the meeting between President Nixon and Elvis Presley in the Oval Office in December, 1970.

Citizens are allowed to tag and transcribe information from the National Archives, like Declassified Records, papers of the Continental Congress, and US Marine Command Chronologies

During the Paraguayan War (1864-1870), the contents of the Paraguayan national archives were taken to Brazil's national library in Rio de Janeiro, and have been held there unavailable to scholars for research since then.

George Washington Carver was a crocheter as well as the man behind peanut butter. It's a couple of minutes into this video archived by the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA).

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A man who stole from the National Archives secret documents was Pardoned by the President

The physical parchment of the US Constitution now on display at the National Archives was lost by James Madison in the years leading to his death only to be discovered folded in a small tin box in a closet of the EEOB in 1883

The U.S. National Archives, the official record-keeping agency for all of America, has been busy making animated GIFs on Giphy since September 2016.

The world's largest underground storage facility is in Kansas City, MO, and leases space to USPS, National Archives, and Safeway

Bush was given a puppy by Bulgarian leader, but it was too expensive for a personal gift. Instead of the National Archives, Bush bought it and regifted it to a friend.

U.S. President John F. Kennedy's brain, as well as his blood and tissues samples were stored in a foot locker in the national archives after his autopsy and no one could find it three years later. To this day no one knows where it is.

The US National Archives has a secret file named "531-Fuck Up, Department of Justice"

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