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MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) was done at the ancient Olympics. It is called Pankration and is the only event that wasn't reinstated with the creation of the modern Olympics.

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There was an actual "Super Hero Movement" in Seattle led by a mixed martial artist who went by the name, Phoenix Jones. They stopped multiple assaults and robberies, and disbanded in 2014.

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  1. Transgender females can fight naturally-born women in mixed martial arts competitions

  2. Dioxippus of Athens, a pankratiast (practitioner of mixed martial arts), was crowned Olympic champion of pankration by default in 336 BC because no competitor dared to face him.

  3. The martial art Sherlock Holmes used in fighting was baritsu, which is a real mixed martial art

  4. In 2002 mixed martial artist, actor, American football player, and pro wrestler Bob Sapp was so overwhelmingly popular that he was awarded the coveted Tokyo Sports MVP/Best Wrestler Award, an award given annually since 1974. He's the first and still the only non-Japanese to win this award.

  5. Muhammad Ali once fought a Antonio Inoki a mixed martial artist, now a Japanese politician, and proceeded to get his legs kicked the entire fight.

  6. 26th US president Theodore Roosevelt was a mixed martial artist and would often spar with guests throughout his presidency in the White House to pass time/entertain.

  7. Jason David Frank, also known as the original Green and White Power Rangers helped create a Christian-based mixed martial arts company called "Jesus Didn't Tap". Frank also has a tattoo with the slogan on his forearm.

  8. Russian mixed martial artist Fedor Emelianenko is known as "The Last Emperor."

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The fighter with the most sanctioned mixed martial arts bouts is Travis Fulton with 314 total fights over around 20 years. His current record is 252-51-10

about Xu Xiadong, a Chinese Mixed Martial artist who keeps on challenging grandmasters propagating fake martial arts and defeats them. The Chinese government and people continuously harass him and his family. He even has been made wear clown make up while fighting. But he continues to fight. - source

about Xu Xiadong a Chinese Mixed Martial artist who keeps fighting grandmasters of fake martial arts to prove they are fake. He and his family continuously faces harrasments from the government and the people. He has been ordered to paint his face like a clown if he wishes to keep on fighting. - source

Muhammed Ali once fought a mixed martial arts match where kicks where only allowed if one leg was on the mat

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