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MMA fighter Matt Hamill noticed a car speeding down the wrong side of the highway and turned his car around, gave chase and safely forced the car to a grassy area. He then punched out a window to stop the car, potentially saving the child passenger and the inebriated mother's lives.

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A MMA fighter drank psychedelic mushroom tea and proceeded to tear out his friends still beating heart

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  1. Women's MMA fighters are allowed to punch each other in the boobs, but they usually don't because it would result in mutually assured boobstruction.

  2. George Lucas' oldest daughter is a winning-record MMA fighter

  3. In Thailand, there is a prison program where prisoners fight foreign MMA fighters for their freedom. After winning 8 fights the prisoner is freed, if you lose a fight, you go back to general population where you never have a chance to fight again.

  4. Greek and Roman depictions of Hercules had cauliflower ear, like an MMA Fighter.

  5. There is an MMA fighter that dresses as a superhero and fights crime vigilante style in Seattle

  6. "throwing in the towel" in a boxing or MMA event is technically a foul, and does not officially end a fight. Athletic commissions do not want to encourage items being thrown into a ring, which can distract or cause an injury to a fighter.

  7. MMA fighter Alexander Emelianenko once killed a bear by piercing through its throat with a bear spear and then stabbing it in the heart with a knife, a traditional way of Russian bear hunting, that is seldom practiced now.

  8. George Lucas' eldest daughter Amanda is a professional MMA fighter.

  9. A man asked MMA fighter Matt Hughes to put him in a rear-naked choke for a picture, he then sued him claiming he suffered injuries, emotional distress and mental anguish

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MMA Fighter Justin Wren Left The Octagon, Fighting Slavery And Oppression In Africa. Wren Helped Dig Wells For Clean Water, Grow & Harvest Food, Buy Back Land That Was Taken From The Pygmies. He's Replanting Trees, Which Deforested By Companies Seeing To Exploit Minerals There.

A Chi Master and his students whose group delusions were so strong they all thought he could knock them out with hadoukens. The Chi Master then offered $5000 to any MMA fighter who could beat him. The Chi Master got his ass beat. - source

When Nick Diaz (MMA Fighter) was in highschool, his girlfriend committed suicide. Afterwards Nick would "run to her grave just to promise her I would make it as a fighter" Diaz would go on to win world titles and become a UFC star - source

Josh Herdman, the actor who played Gregory Goyle in the Harry Potter films is now an MMA fighter. He already has a win under his belt.

Bruce Lee's philosophy of Jeet Kune Do, that a fighter should have no limitation, was one of the first early form of what we know now as MMA. - source

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After a KO, British MMA fighter Michael Page put on an Ash hat and tossed a Poké ball towards his opponent Evangelista Santos. Santos was shaking in pain because Page had fractured his skull.

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MMA Fighter Cody Garbrandt has maintained a friendship with a young Leukemia survivor, and gave his championship belt to his young friend after his recent win, "He said he was going to go out and buy a fake one for himself."

About Antonio Inoki, a Japanese MMA fighter who fought Muhammad Ali to a draw in 1976. Ali's camp banned most of Inoki's moves, so Inoki could only kick at Ali's legs. Ali's leg was so damaged from the kicks that his footwork was never the same. The two became close friends after the fight.

The guy from the 'Double Rainbow' video was once an MMA fighter known as 'Hungry Bear'

Former 'Power Ranger's' Actor Jason David Frank became an MMA fighter following the end of the show, having an undefeated record in amateur competition

Elizabeth Wilkinson/Stokes. A successful female English bare knuckle boxer in the 1720's, Elizabeth is considered to be the first female prize fighter, in a version of the sport that closely parallels modern MMA.

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Grandson of late Gambino crime boss John Gotti, John Gotti III, is an MMA fighter.

Ronda Rousey is the only fighter on UFC roster that doesn't have to do pre-fight media and refuses to speak with media that cover the sport of MMA.

There's a show in the US called 'Bully Beatdown' where bullies get challenged to fight MMA fighters for the chance to win $10,000

MMA fighter Justin Wren went on a five-year hiatus to live among and serve a Congolese pygmy tribe.

About Jarrod Wyatt, a MMA fighter that cut out someone’s still beating heart after taking shrooms.

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MMA fighter Ryan Gracie, of the famous Brazilian Jiu Jiutsu family, died at 33 from an overdose of psychiatric medication in his jail cell in Sao Paulo. He had been jailed for stealing and crashing a car and attempting but failing to hijack a motorcycle.

The MMA fighter that holds the record for most fights is 313 (With one No Contest)

10 Facts You May Didn't Know About Conor McGregor - Richest MMA fighter, Who Start as a Plumber

UFC Fighters React to Medieval MMA feat. Elias Theodorou + Misha Cirkunov

Aleksander Emelyanenko, the brother of MMA fighter Fedor Emelianenko, once bragged about killing a bear for fun during a live interview.

MMA fighter Roger Huerta beat the shit out of football player Rashad Bobino for being a peice of shit

Pornstar Dylan Ryder has 2 sisters that are professional MMA fighters

About MMA fighter Cornelius Godfrey who at 5'10 had a reach 3.5 inches larger than 6'7 heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko.

Igor Vovchanchyn holds the second longest unbeaten streak in MMA (at 37 fights,)[2] and is the second most successful MMA fighter ever by number of wins achieved by way of knockout.

MMA Fighter Justin Wren Fights to Support the Pygmy

Harvey Levin, TMZ founder, may be facing a multi-million dollar law suit for slandering and defaming a well respected MMA fighter

It is extremely easy for an athlete to cheat a drug-test and if there's money involved there's a 95% chance they will cheat. (reference: MMA fighter Jon Jones)

Bigfoot Kung Fu vs MMA | Real martial arts Fighters | History is important! Sasq...

There is a medieval style MMA where in fighters have swords and shields

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