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In 1937, a man tried to find seats for himself and his wife on the Hindenburg, but there were none available next to each other. They took a plane home instead. Two years later, the man, Martin Goodman, went on to create Marvel Comics.

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In 1937 Martin Goodman, the founder of Marvel Comics bought tickets on the Hindenburg to return from his honeymoon in Europe, but couldn't get seats together with his wife, so they took an airplane instead. Marvel Comics #1 came out two years later.

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  1. Originally Martin Goodman, Marvel's head at the time Spider-man was created, did not like the concept because of the fear people have of spiders.

  2. Martin Goodman, the founder of Marvel Comics, was on vacation in Europe and tried to order tickets to fly back on the Hindenburg airship. However, he was late ordering tickets and couldn't secure him and his wife seats together, so they decided to fly back on an airplane.

  3. John Goodman was almost a cast member of Saturday Night Live in the early 80's. Though he wasn't hired he went on to host the show 13 times. Only Alec Baldwin (16 times) and Steve Martin (15 times) have hosted more.

  4. In 1937, before the inception of Marvel Comics, founding publisher Martin Goodman was about to board the Hindenburg airship but instead boarded an airplane as his and his wife's seats were not together. So had he boarded the airship, Marvel Comics might not have existed.

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