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Cixi, one of numerous concubines in the court of Emperor Xianfeng, launched a successful coup after his death to unofficially control the Manchu Qing Dynasty. Despite facing many obstacles, Empress Dowager Cixi brought a medieval empire into the modern age, ruling China for almost 50 years.

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Throughout Chinese history, eunuchs were employed by the imperial court as civil servants and courtiers. During the Qing Manchu dynasty all eunuchs living in the Forbidden City were required to wear a jar around their neck containing their severed genitals, preserved in vinegar.

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  1. Manchu, the native language of the Manchu people and an official language of the Qing Dynasty, has 10 native speakers alive today.

  2. Jin Yuzhang (金毓嶂). In 2015 he became head of the Aisin-Gioro clan; thus he is the heir to the Qing empire, which once encompassed modern China as well as modern Mongolia and Tibet, and parts of others, too. The heir to the Manchu throne is currently governor of Chongwen district, Beijing.

  3. The last emperor of the Qing Dyansty could only speak one word of Manchu, the offical language of the state.

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