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Lebron James rejected a $10 million offer from Reebok when he was just 18. When asked why, he said that Nike or Adidas might offer him a bit more. Less than a year later, he accepted a $90 million offer from Nike.

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Following LeBron James' decision to leave Cleveland and join the Miami Heat, the sports memorabilia company Fathead lowered the price of wall graphics depicting James from $99.99 to $17.41: the birth year of infamous American traitor Benedict Arnold

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  1. Lebron James was so hated back in 2012 that even a captured Al-Qaeda member wrote letters expressing his disgust at his decision to go to the Miami Heat. He told his lawyer that “LeBron James is a very bad man and should apologize to the city of Cleveland.”

  2. Emporer penguins are over four feet tall, don't eat for almost two months during incubation, and can dive up to 1,500 feet in search of fish. But that's nothing compared to their ancestors who topped out at 6'8, nearly as large in height and weight to LeBron James.

  3. After LeBron James left Cleveland for Miami in 2010, his posters were marked down and sold for $17.41 in reference to the year the American traitor Benedict Arnold was born.

  4. Lebron James refuses to pay for apps or music and only uses his phone when he's on wifi

  5. An extinct species of penguin that stood as tall as LeBron James (6'8")

  6. LeBron James has already played more minutes in his pro career than Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, or Steve Nash (who played until he was 40).

  7. Lebron James has a photographic memory and is able to remember exact in-game scenarios in basketball games he has played throughout his career over the years; growing up he was able to memorize moves in fighting games so well that his friends thought he was cheating.

  8. During LeBron James's high school years, his team had to play home games at the University of Akron "to satisfy ticket demand from alumni, fans, and college and NBA scouts who wanted to see James play"

  9. LeBron James has had to ask colleges to stop recruiting his 10 year old son.

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Every shot LeBron James has ever attempted

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Michael Jordan vs. LeBron James stats over 15 NBA seasons

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Guitar virtuoso Buckethead was fascinated with basketball. So much that he dedicated many tracks to famous basketball players, such as Michael Jordan, Blake Griffin, LeBron James and even the US's 2008 Olympic Men's Basketball team.

Warner Bros and Lebron James have signed a new deal for a "Space Jam" sequel. - source

Steph Curry and Lebron James, two of the biggest stars in the NBA, were both born on the same floor of the same hospital in the small city of Akron, Ohio. - source

Lebron James’ “The Decision” raised over $3 million that was all donated to Boys and Girls Clubs of America.

LeBron James will pay for more than 1,000 kids to go to college - source

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LeBron James received a 2% stake in Liverpool F.C. in 2011 for approximately $6.5 million

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Lebron James spends 50% of his time asleep.

After LeBron James switched teams, he moved the barber he met in Miami to Cleveland to be his personal barber

Lebron James was given a free Hummer in high school, which led to him being investigated by the Ohio High SchoolAthletic Association

HS basketball phenom Lenny Cooke who in 2001 was ranked ahead of LeBron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Amar’e Stoudemire. In a tournament championship game Lebron drained a game winning 3 pointer against Cooke which sent his basketball career on a downward spiral.

A doctor once devastated a young Lebron James by telling him he would only grow to be 6'3

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The East Goes Through LeBron: Eastern Conference Teams Defeated in a Playoff Series by James Throughout his Career

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LeBron James Instagram Feed in Numbers

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During the 2nd round of the 2010 NBA playoffs, a rumor surfaced that Delonte West, teammate of LeBron James, was borking James' mother. Many blame the distraction for the Cavaliers losing to the Celtics in the playoffs. It was later found out to be true.

Lebron James is actually left handed but when playing basketball, shoots right handed.

"World Wide Wes". William Wesley has been called "the most powerful man in sports" despite no one knowing how he became important. He knows LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and many other NBA stars; Jay-Z, and Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones; and might even have attended Frank Sinatra's funeral.

LeBron James donated the ad revenue from his controversial TV special, “The Decision”, to The Boys and Girls Club of America and various other charities. ESPN donated the air time for the special.

Lebron James's agent is a guy who he met at the airport waiting for a flight, whose job at the time was selling throwback jerseys; he was on his way to resupply and Lebron was impressed by his Warren Moon jersey.

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In 2010, the New York Knicks filmed a different ending to The Sopranos. In it, James Gandolfini and Edie Falco play Tony and Carmela Soprano, and attempt to convince agent Lebron James to sign with the Knicks.

Space Jam 2 is set to come out in 2016 starring none other than LeBron James.

In the Last 20 Years (1998-2018), Only 3 Number One Overall Picks in the NBA Draft Have Won A Championship (Andrew Bogut, Kyrie Irving, & Lebron James), All As Members of Either the Cleveland Cavaliers or Golden State Warriors.

Lebron James can buy a BMW after working for just 3 hours while a Nurse has to work for over 7 months to earn one.

The Decision" TV event where LeBron James announced he was going to Miami raised $2.5 Million for Boys And Girls Clubs

Lebron James and Stephen Curry, who have combined to win 6 of the last 8 NBA MVP awards, were born in the same hospital, on the same floor, 39 months apart

In the WNBA the maximum salary is $107,000 per year for a star player, and Lebron James makes more in a year than all players in the WNBA combined.

Floyd Mayweather, Ronaldo and LeBron James are the highest-paid athletes

LeBron’s Mom Is Too Hot To Pass Up,Back in 2010, in the middle of the NBA playoffs, LeBron James’ mother, Gloria, claims to have had sex with former NBA star, Delonte West, on several occasions.

Lebron James First Player In NBA History With 30,000 Points, 9,000 Rebounds, 9,000 Assists

Upset over LeBron James's announcement of leaving the team in 2010, Gilbert's company lowered the price of posters bearing James's likeness to $17.41, referring to the year of Benedict Arnold's birth

Lebron James is paying for 1,100 student's college educations costing him almost 42 million dollars.

Both Lebron James and Stephen Curry born in Akron, Ohio

Lebron James has played a total of 425 minutes (a little over 7 hours) of regular season basketball in his career. With a $21 million dollar regular season salary, Lebron James makes $3,000,000 and hour. Source: back of the napkin math

"World Wide Wes". William Wesley has been called "the most powerful man in sports" despite no one knowing how he became important. He knows LeBron James, Michael Jordan, and many other NBA stars, Jay-Z, and Dallas Cowboys' Jerry Jones, and might even have attended Frank Sinatra's funeral.

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