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In November 2008 at the height of hyperinflation, 1 US dollar was equal to 2,621,984,228,675,650,147,435,579,309,984,228 Zimbabwe dollars

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1 was the equivalent of Z$35,000,000,000,000,000 when Zimbabwe had a crippling hyperinflation. In 2008, their annual inflation had reached 231m%,

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  1. Hyperinflation in Zimbabwe got so bad, and the currency was worth so little that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe issued bank notes with values as high as One Hundred Trillion Zimbabwean Dollars.

  2. In 2009 due to hyperinflation, Zimbabwe printed a 100 trillion Zimbabwean dollar note, which at the time of printing was worth about US$30.

  3. Zimbabwe suffered a hyperinflation that, at its worst in 2008, had an inflation rate estimated to be 79,600,000,000% per month. 1 US dollar became equivalent to 2,621,984,228 Zimbabwean dollar and they even printed a One Hundred Trillion Dollar note (14 zeroes).

  4. Until Zimbabwe transitioned to the US Dollar in 2009, hyperinflation caused the smallest denomination of currency to be $10 ZWD and the largest to be $100,000,000,000,000 Zimbabwe Dollars

  5. Zimbabwe has not had a national currency since 2015 due to hyperinflation. Several foreign currencies such as the USD and the Euro are now accepted as legal tender.

  6. due to hyperinflation Zimbabwe has 100 trillion dollar bills

  7. During Zimbabwe's period of hyperinflation, their inflation rate was 231,000,000%.

  8. In 2007, as a response to hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, the government declared inflation illegal.

  9. During the hyperinflation in Zimbabwe, a piece of bread might cost $10 billion Zimbabwean dollars, and prices were adjusted several times during the day, meaning that bus fares would have different prices throughout the day.

  10. Under Robert Mugabe's rule of Zimbabwe in 2000 made the country experience a hyperinflation that was so bad that by 2006, prices rose to over 1000% that year. It would cost about 417 Zimbabwen dollars to buy one sheet of toilet paper

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Due to it's hyperinflation, Zimbabwe allows use of Australian dollars, Chinese yuan, Indian rupees and Japanese yen as official currency.

Zimbabwe had a bout of hyperinflation around 2008 the highest denomination printed was the 100 trillion Zimbabwe dollar. Its fir sale on ebay for around $20 - source

Due to hyperinflation, the country of Zimbabwe has issued a Z$100 trillion dollar bank note which, when converted to US currency, is worth about $.40 cents. - source

During Zimbabwe's hyperinflation crisis, so much money was being printed and put into circulation that the country's printers broke down from overuse.

Inflation rate of Zimbabwe rose from an annual rate of 32%(1998), to 11,200,000%(2008) - a state of hyperinflation, and the central bank had to introduce 100 billion dollar notes - source

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Dictator Robert Mugabe tried to stop a critic of Zimbabwe's hyperinflation by levying ridiculous taxes on his newspaper; the writer retaliated with advertisements printed on trillion-dollar-bills, which was cheaper than actual paper.

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