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The dictator of Burma (Myanmar) was obsessed with numerology. He removed 50 Kyat and 100 Kyat banknotes from circulation. Replaced them with 45 Kyat and 90 Kyat banknotes. The economic instability which followed led to a coup d'êtát in 1988.

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Despite being discontinued in 2000, there are nearly one million 1000$ Canadian banknotes left in circulation. They are mostly used to pay off debts between criminals.

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  1. A £1,000,000 and £100,000,000 banknote exists from the Bank of England. Whilst offically non-circulating, the notes were traded between banks which led to a robbery in 1990, where £292 million were stolen. 2 of the £1,000,000 notes are still unfound.

  2. Before being removed from circulation, the Zimbabwean dollar was so hyperinflated that a $100 trillion banknote was being used

  3. 3 different private banks are authorized by the Hong Kong government to print Hong Kong dollars. Each bank's banknotes have different designs and can all be found in general circulation.

  4. The worst hyperinflation in history was Hungary in 1945-1946, where prices doubled every 15 hours, all the combined Hungarian banknotes in circulation were worth less than 1/1000th of one US Cent. ($0.00001 USD), and the largest banknote was 100,000,000,000,000,000,000 (10^20) pengo.

  5. The Euro currency has more than €1.2 trillion in circulation and is one of the highest combined values of banknotes and coins in circulation in the world, having surpassed the U.S. dollar in Aug 2018.

  6. The $10,000 Brunei Dollar bill is the world's most valuable banknote (in active circulation), a single bill is worth approx. $7200 USD/ €6500 / £5800.

  7. The Bank of Canada ruled that production of banknotes in the Birds of Canada series would be revised to require 100% cotton fibre in 1984. Now all banknotes in the series are considered unfit for circulation , as none of the banknotes contain the minimum security feature of a metallic stripe

  8. The portrait of Frida Kahlo was on the Mexican 500 peso banknote, the most widely circulated denomination. Her image has been widely used on a range of consumer products and was also the inspiration for a Barbie doll

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The American artist, JSG Boggs, is famous for drawing highly detailed, whimsical copies of US banknotes. Very valuable and highly collectible, these "Boggs Bills" are often in circulation, spent at face value by the artist, at places that aren't familiar with his work.

Panamanian currency (the Balboa) has coins, but no paper money. Panamanian banknotes were once in circulation in 1941, but only for 7 days. - source

The largest banknote in the world by value is the British £100,000,000 ($149,107,500). Although obviously never used in circulation, they were created because the English banks wanted to back up the Northern Irish and Scottish banks money pound for pound. - source

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Bill Gates has $30 billion+ more than the total value of all Australian banknotes currently in circulation

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