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Harvey Keitel played the lead roles in the directorial debuts of both Martin Scorsese and Quentin Tarantino

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American Actor Harvey Keitel joined the US Marines at 16 yrs old and served in Lebanon during Operation Blue Bat, a mission in which US Forces supported the Lebanese government in thwarting a coup by opposition forces supported by Syria and Egypt in 1958

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  1. Quentin Tarantino was heavily influenced by advice from his friend and colleague, Harvey Keitel. This advice was so impactful, it has stuck with Tarantino ever since.

  2. Harvey Keitel,in character as Winston Wolfe from Pulp Fiction,stars in a UK insurance commercial.

  3. Harvey Keitel quit working on Eyes Wide Shut after Stanley Kubrick made him walk through a door for 68 takes without giving direction but simply saying "do it again".

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