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The music commonly associated with clowns in circuses was written by Julius Fucik. It was originally titled *Entrance of the Gladiators* and was meant to represent slaves marching into an arena to fight to the death.

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The Roman Emperor Commodus would fight in the arena as a gladiator. His opponents consisted of giraffes, citizens missing limbs and wounded roman soldiers. For every appearance in the arena he charged the city of Rome 1 million coins.

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  1. the Retiarius, a type of gladiator who fought with a net and trident while wearing little armour, was considered effeminate for his use of evasion and entrapment. They were the lowest class of gladiator as a result, despite having the advantage in fights.

  2. An FBI informant investigating corruption in LA jail was transferred to different jails, kept in isolation, held under various aliases, and watched around the clock to prevent FBI handlers from finding him. The corruption included brutality and staging "gladiator style fights" between inmates.

  3. In 2011 drug cartel kidnapped hundreds of innocent bus passengers in Mexico and made them fight to death like gladiators. The survivors would be informed of new purpose in life as assassins for gang.

  4. In 2011 Los Zetas kidnapped hundreds of innocent bus passengers in Mexico and made them fight to death like gladiators. The winners were sent on suicide missions

  5. Gladiators rarely fought to death. While around 1 in 10 did die during battle, most gladiators made money fighting - not killing other people.

  6. In Ancient Rome, besides famous gladiator fights there were so-called Naumachia ‒ naval battles taking place in huge artificial basins with seating tiers surrounding them, similar to amphitheatres.

  7. A Roman Emperor did indeed fight in the gladiator ring, just like in the movie Gladiator, however he was harshly criticized for doing so because it lowered himself to the level of slaves. (also he mostly fought amputees & wounded soldiers)

  8. The horrific 2011 San Fernando massacre, when the drug cartel Los Zetas hijacked several buses full of people, killing most of them, and making able-bodied men fight to the death like gladiators with weapons the Zetas gave them. The winner would be recruited as a hitman.

  9. The Mexican Cartel Los Zetas Carried On Kidnappings Wherein They Would Hijack A Bus, Make The Fit Male Passengers Fight To The Death, Rape The Attractive Women And Put The Children And Other Women in Acid. The Men Who Survived The Gladiator Type Battles Would Then Be Made Members of Los Zetas.

  10. Ancient Romans liked their entertainment, often held in arenas known as coliseums. Popular sports included gladiator fights, and chariot races, as well as events that resulted in the death of people, became popular.

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During the 2011 San Fernando massacre, Los Zetas cartel members kidnapped victims and forced them to fight each other to the death, like ancient Roman gladiators. The victims who won were then chosen to serve as hitmen for the cartel.

Roman Gladiators were actually highly trained professionals who made their living off it, and did not fight to kill. An organizer of a fight must reimburse dead gladiators in the case they die. - source

Bull Terrier is also known as "canine gladiator" because of its agility, sturdy personality and incredible force that was especially prominent during the fights with other dogs in the pits in the past.

To the opposite of Gladiator, the real-life Commodus was in fact the only Roman Emperor in history to fight as a gladiator in the arena. However, he did it several times, not just once. Also, he was not killed in the arena but was strangled in his dressing room by an athlete named Narcissus.

Emperor Commodos forced the disabled and little people to fight to the death as gladiators with meat cleavers. - source

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The Scuola Gladiatori Roma is the only traditional gladiator school in the world. It is not set up as tourist attraction, but as a fully fledged training academy where students learn the full range of fighting disciplines of a Gladiator from Ancient Rome.

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In 86 AD, the Colosseum was flooded to host a Naval Battle, called a naumachiarii, involving more than 2,000 convicts and prisoners of war. The event was more than just a simulation though as violence, mutilation, and drowning all occurred making it comparable to a gladiator fight.

2011 San Fernando massacre able-bodied male kidnapping victims were forced to fight to the death with other hostages, similar to a "gladiator fight from ancient Rome." In the blood sport, the survivor was recruited as a hitman for Los Zetas

When the US Navy began construction on the Pearl Harbor naval facility, remains of an ancient arena were discovered, where gladiator fights were held between men and sharks.

In 2011 a drug cartel kidnapped hundreds of innocent bus passengers in Mexico and made them fight to death like gladiators. The winners were sent on suicide missions.

Roman Emporers took part in Gladiator fights, including Claudius, who fought a whale trapped in a harbor.

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A 5kg monkey gladiator named Jacco Macacco defeated 14 fighting dog in a row, armed only with a 1 foot stick

A sequel to Ridley Scott's *Gladiator* was written by musician Nick Cave. It featured an undead Maximus fighting for the persecuted Christians in Rome, and had him fighting an endless immortal series if wars, with scenes including the Crusades, Vietnam and a modern day meeting in the Pentagon.

It is believed that an ancient Roman gladiator, who was winning his fight and who had his opponent on the ground, was killed by a bad call from the referee

About the "most violent sport in the world" where football meets bare-knuckle fighting. It is the closest thing to gladiator fights and is played only once a year in Italy.

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Gladiator fights were not fight to death but instead they followed rules and had Umpires who enforced the rule. It was like Roman version of WWE (with real weapons).. Everything I know is a lie!!!

Russell Crowe broke bones in his foot and his hip, and injured both bicep tendons filming fight scenes for "Gladiator"

The marshmallow plant's sap was rubbed on the body by gladiators in ancient Rome in preparation for the fight.

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