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Lidocaine is often added to cocaine as a diluent, this is why it numbs the gums when applied. This often gives users the impression of high quality cocaine, when in actuality the user is receiving a diluted product.

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In 1918 World War 1 censors minimized early reports of the flu epidemic's death toll to maintain wartime morale. Newspapers in neutral Spain were free to report on the epidemic's effects, creating a false impression that Spain was the hardest hit, and giving rise to the name "Spanish flu".

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  1. When jogging, British footballing legend Stanley Matthews would always wear shoes that contained lead, so that when playing football his feet would feel remarkably light, giving him the impression he could run and dribble faster.

  2. In Tudor England, the teeth of the well-to-do frequently went black from sugar. This started a short-lived fashion trend of ladies blackening their teeth to give the impression they were rich enough to buy luxury goods

  3. Isla Fisher almost drowned during the filming of Now You See Me. Whilst performing an underwater stunt for the film she had to give the impression of being in distress but when Isla's chains became entangled for real, she began to genuinely panic and everyone thought it was just very good acting

  4. Jeopardy films 5 episodes in a day, to give the impression that a day has passed, Alex Trebek changes his suit in between shows

  5. The man who campaigned to legalise the potato in France then promoted it by keeping potatoes under armed guard to give the impression they were valuable and instructing the guards to accept any and all bribes by civilians wanting to steal them

  6. Children in China were asked to dress in white fertilizer bags and ordered to stand on a hill to appear as sheep so that local leaders could give the impression to their party superiors that they were prospering.

  7. The ship HNLMS Abraham Crijnssen was ordered to return to Australia after a Japanese attack. To avoid another ambush the crew camouflaged the ship with jungle foliage to give the impression of a small island and traveled only at night. It was the only ship of its class to successfully arrive.

  8. Some fleas in a Flea Circus were glued to a base of a circus enclosure. Miniature musical instruments were then glued to the flea performers and the enclosure was heated. The fleas fought to escape, giving the impression of fleas playing instruments.

  9. Pop stars like Justin Timberlake sing "may" instead of "me' because it gives the impression that their performance is more powerful that it actually is. The 2000s trend was an attempt to co-opt the signifiers of intensity without actually needing to use them.

  10. After the Wachowskis pitched the idea of The Matrix to Warner Bros and asked for an $80mil budget, WB said no and gave them $10mil. The Wachowskis spent the $10mil on the opening scene of the film, which they showed WB who were so impressed that they ended up giving them the entire $80mil

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The early Nazi Party (DAP) began counting their membership numbers at 500 to give the impression they were a much larger party. Hitler was number 555.

The Blue Whale gives birth to a calf that weighs up to 3 tons and stretching to 25 feet long, already ranking it as one of the largest creatures on earth. It can grow an impressive 200 pounds a day during it's first year of life. - source

In a "flea circus" the fleas (glued in position) fight to escape, giving the impression of playing instruments, pulling small carts or playing football. - source

Laguardia Airport in New York City is refferred to as "USS Laguardia" because the runways are short and surrounded by water, giving the impression of landing on an aircraft carrier

Vin diesel wrote, directed and starred in film "multi-facial", a film about struggles of multi racial actors in Hollywood, Spielberg was impressed by the film and especially wrote the role of Adrian caparzo for diesel to star in saving private Ryan, giving him his first major role - source

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"He travels the fastest who travels alone" is actually part of a Rudyard Kipling quote that reads, "Down to Gehenna, or up to the Throne, He travels the fastest who travels alone." While the shorter quote gives the impression of a generally positive venture, Kipling meant either way.

When Steve Winwood heard what Eric Prydz did with a sample of his song 'Valerie', he was so impressed that not only did he give permission to use the sample, but also re-recorded it in order to fit the new track, 'Call On Me' better.

When George Lucas visited the Close Encounters of the Third Kind set, he was so impressed that he lost confidence in his new movie, Star Wars. He made a deal with director of Close Encounters, Steven Spielberg, that each would give 2.5% of the profits to the other. So far Spielberg has made $40m

The process of Blockbusting, whereby real estate developers would take advantage of white flight by giving a false impression that minorities were moving into an all white neighborhood. Techniques included paying women to push around baby carriages and throwing rocks through windows.

Shane Company, a jewelry business with 20 locations across the United States, has the longest-running continuous campaign in the history of radio. The ads give many listeners the impression that it's a purely local business, with its headquarters right up the road, in whatever city it's in.

.. In 1476 the church of Santa Maria presso San Satiro in Milan didn't have enough space to be built. The problem was solved by Donato Barmante who created an optical illusion using 3 feet of space which gives the church the impression of being much larger than it is.

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Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a common organic compound found in toothpastes, shampoos, and many household cleaners, is used for its ability to create a lather. This gives the consumer the impression that the product is truly cleaning.

Marlon Brando used cue cards in The Godfather to give the audience the impression that he was searching for what he was going to say, and make the lines less canned.

When Christian Bale gave his speech after winning a Golden Globe, many Americans believed that he was speaking in his native Welsh accent. He, in fact, sounded more Cockney (London), giving a false impression of how a real Welsh accent sounds.

The Royal Navy's recruitment tactic of Impressment where press gangs would give the kings shilling to unsuspecting men (possession of the coin was considered acceptance of your enlistment). The gangs often used devious methods such as dropping it into drinks and forcing it into drunks hands.

Ostriches don't actually bury their heads in the sand; they just dig nests, and the way they go about it gives the impression that their heads are buried

Ed Sheeran slept on Jamie Foxx’s couch for 6 weeks before giving him a shot at the local clubs. He impressed the black community within 12 minutes. The rest is history.

After the Wachowskis pitched the idea of The Matrix to Warner Bros and asked for an $80mil budget, WB said no and gave them $10mil. The Wachowskis spent the $10mil on the opening scene of the film, which they showed WB who were so impressed that they ended up giving them the entire $80mil

Ed Sullivan's music director wasn't impressed with the Beatles after their live TV show debut in the US, stating "The only thing that’s different is the hair, as far as I can see. I give them a year."

Spanish flu was named incorrectly due to other countries censoring the reports of illness to the public, giving the impression that the hardest hit country was Spain whos media reported on it.

Thad Roberts, a man who was training to become an astronaut, stole approximately $21 million worth of moon rocks from NASA to impress his girlfriend. He loaded a 600 pound safe containing ~101 grams of samples and wheeled it out of the complex with the intent to “give her the moon.”

The "Royal Touch" was a trick by the English Kings who would touch people who were suffering from scrofula to "cure" them. Scrofula often went into remission on its own, giving the impression that the King's touch cured it.

when Adolf Hitler joined the DAP, the predecessor of the Nazi Party, he was member number 555. However, he was only the fifty-fifth member of the party as they started counting membership at 500 to give the impression they were a much larger party.

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