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The Aztec capital Tenochtitlán was the largest city in the Americas with over 200,000 people. It was built on a man-made island in the middle of a lake - connected to shore by 3 causeways. It contained huge pyramids, floating gardens, aqueducts and canals. It was destroyed by the Spanish in 1521

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The Uru people, who live on 42 artificial floating islands made of reeds in Lake Titicaca.

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  1. In 1881 an ice floe forced the Sharp's Island Lighthouse off its foundations, after which it floated nearly five miles down the Chesapeake—with its keepers still inside—until it ran aground, allowing the men to escape unharmed.

  2. In 2012, due to a flood, a drunk North Korean man wearing only his underwear floated on driftwood to a South Korean island

  3. Pre-Incan people are still living on man-made floating islands of grass, as they have for hundreds of years, on lake Titicaca

  4. There is no "garbage island" made up of floating plastic in the ocean. While there are particles of micro plastic, the island(s) as such is an urban myth.

  5. The first monkeys in South America likely drifted from Africa on a floating island of vegetation

  6. Pumice can form free-floating rafts so large that they can be mistaken for islands and that animals can migrate between landmasses on them.

  7. A man in Mexico has built his own floating island using 100,000 plastic bottles. It floats in a tropical bay near Cancun and contains a house, beaches, 2 ponds, a waterfall and a Jacuzzi.

  8. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch is one of many "trash islands" floating in our oceans. The GPGP alone contains nearly 3.5 million tons of trash which is mostly bits of plastic.

  9. There is an abandoned but remarkably well preserved 136 year old three mast barque "floating" in Stanley Harbour, East Falkland Islands.

  10. There is a huge pumice floating island in the South Pacific

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There is an Island floating on plastic bottles.

India used to be an island but when Pangaea broke apart, India floated northwards and eventually crashes into the Asian continent. The collision resulted in the rapid uplift of the Himalayas, creating the Himalayan mountains that we know today. - source

There are manmade islands floating in Lake Titicaca, which are home to people that can date their ancestry to the Incans. These islands are made from totora reeds and called Islas Flotantes.

Fire ants form floating islands or towers 30 ants high with 10's of thousands of ants in them, entirely using simple self-organization rules

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The floating islands of El Zacaton are covered in tall grass known as zacate. These islands can reach between 3 and 10 meters in diameter. If they grow large enough they may eventually cover the entire surface of El Zacaton. These floating islands are considered extremely rare.

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Monkeys traveled from Africa to South America most likely on floating islands that used trees as sails.

A French man walked across the Atlantic Ocean from the Canary Islands to Trinidad, using polyester floats on his feet. He finished in just 61 days.

There have been instances of large amounts of pumice being produced by some island and subsea eruptions that will float on the surface and then pushed by the winds.

In 1970 meteorologist Bennie Lightsy was shot to death on an ice island known as T-3, a research station that floated in the Arctic Basin. Because the ice floe didn't belong to any nation, it took many months to determine where and under what law his shooter was to be tried.

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Pumice is an extremely porous type of volcanic rock and can actually float on water. Giant rafts of this floating rock can occur after volcanic eruptions and some biologists suggest that animals and plants have migrated from island to island on pumice rafts.

A fisherman on an island in Indonesia found a sex doll floating on the sea and worship it, not knowing what it is

In 2012 a volcano created a floating island made of pumice near New Zealand

There are five giant “garbage islands” floating around the Earth’s oceans. One specific vast dump of plastic waste swirling in the Pacific Ocean is now bigger than France, Germany and Spain combined! Yet still growing....

Pumice Rafts; voluminous floating pieces of volcanic rock, some up to 300mi (480km) long, and they may have had an influence in the distribution of mammalian life, island to island!

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The world's first $1billion home features 27 floors and takes it's name from the mythical island, Antillia. It was built by India's richest man, Mukesh Ambani, has several floating gardens, three helipads and six floors dedicated to parking.

The Uru people in Peru make their own floating islands to live on. ~1200 people living on 60 artificial islands.

There is a type of mirage that makes distant objects like boats, islands and cities look like they're floating in mid-air or flipped upside down.

On April 1, 1950, a Swedish newspaper reported that the island of Öland has loosened from the ocean bed and was floating towards the Swedish coast.

There is a Floating island in Bingöl/Turkey

Natural floating islands exist. They float around inland bodies of waters like lakes, and can be huge enough for a human to stand on. One was even a hundred feet wide and 15 miles long!

An MP in the UK caused a scandal when he bought a floating island.... for some ducks. That notoriously bad swimmer; the duck.

About the floating islands in Manipur, India. People make huts and live on these floating islands. It also has a world's largest floating park.

There’s a floating island of garbage in the Pacific that’s twice the size of Texas.

There's a giant, floating island (at least) the size of Texas in the Pacific Ocean known as the Great Pacific Garbage Patch

For billions of dollars, you can buy 'private submersible superyachts' and floating islands.

There is a floating island of diapers in the Pacific Ocean that is 8 times the size of Russia

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