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In 1855 he and his assistant, Peter Desaga, perfected the Bunsen burner, a laboratory gas burner with a hot, clean flame.

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When coal is heated under controlled conditions in the absence of air, coke is produced. This process drives off some of the volatile materials and concentrates on the carbon content. Coke is used for metal processing and for other uses when a hot burning flame is needed.

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  1. Rubbing pencil graphite on the top strap of a revolver, just above the cylinder gap, will reduce what is called "flame cutting" (where the hot gasses from the round scorches the metal and wears it down) due to graphite's natural heat resistance.

  2. Later that night the mound had grown into a small volcanic cone, releasing hot ash and flames as high as 2,625 feet (800 m) into the air.

  3. Chimney sweep kids would be forced to climb up chimneys, their masters would light a fire under their feet or prick them with needles. The master sweeps would also attempt to "harden" their knees and elbows my scraping their scarred joints with a rough brush and brine in front of a hot flame

  4. There's a company called Shiro Cosmetics that makes various cosmetics humorously named after actor Nicolas Cage including: Nic Cage Eating Flaming Hot Cheese Puffs on the Surface of the Sun and Nic Cage Taming Dinosaurs in a Sweltering Prehistoric Jungle.

  5. Flaming Hot Cheetos illicit a brain response similar to what is seen in drug addicts and trick people into thinking they are shitting blood

  6. Flaming hot Cheetos were invented by a janitor that worked there

  7. The yellow flame of a candle is literally just hot air. Like how a hot stove element glows red, the candle flame is air at such a high temperature that it glows.

  8. A candle flame points upwards because flame is extremely hot, and thus less dense than air and thus rises similar to hot air balloon!

  9. Flaming Hot Cheetos was invented by a janitor that worked at a Frito Lay Factory in California. He later went on to become an Executive VP for PepsiCo. | YouYube 1:03

  10. Alcohol makes a cut sting because the chemical activates the same nerve receptors in your skin that let you know boiling water or a flame are hot.

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Flaming Hot Cheetos was invented by a janitor at Frito-Lay when the assembly line machine broke causing the chips to not get dusted. He took the uncoated Cheetos home, added chili powder and sold the idea to the CEO. Today, he’s an executive VP for the same company.

Flaming hot cheetos was invented by a janitor at fritolay - source

The inventor of Flaming Hot Cheetos was a janitor for Frito-Lay Company - source

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