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The Machete Order, a supposed superior way to watch the Star Wars saga. It sets up the story with Ep IV and V then uses the prequels as a flashback (excluding Ep I) and ties it all together with Ep VI.

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"Jizz" is the genre of music played during the Cantina scene in Star Wars Ep. IV, and common instruments used include the Bass Viol, a Clak Beepbox, and the Jizz-box.

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  1. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Star Wars Ep. IV: A New Hope, and Blade Runner were all playing in theaters on September 3, 1982.

  2. All the plastic costume parts for Star Wars Ep. IV (stormtrooper uniforms, etc.) were made by one man in the back of the London candy shop he ran as his day job.

  3. The end of Starwars ep. IV was heavily influenced by an old WWII film

  4. There was a deleted scene in Star Wars Ep. I where Anakin beats up Greedo, the same alien that Han Solo shot in Episode IV

  5. Tantive IV (first ship shown in Star Wars Ep. IV) was intended to be the Millennium Falcon’s design, but the TV show “Space:1999” featured a ship that looked similar, so it was redesigned/adapted as Tantive IV. Though not visible in the first movie, a mini-PlayBoy centerfold hung in the cockpit.

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