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A man was told to take off his white shoes before entering a Komodo Dragon enclosure so that they weren’t mistaken for mice. The Dragon bit the shoeless man’s foot and the man lost a toe

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In 1973 Enter The Dragon cost $850,000 to make. It made over $90 million at the box office, or, $508 million adjusted for inflation. Additionally, as part of a $1 million marketing campaign, Warner Bros offered free karate classes.

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  1. Former NBA superstar Tim Duncan is an avid fan of Dungeons & Dragons and wanted to be called "Merlin" upon entering the league.

  2. On May 10th, 1973 Bruce Lee was working on the dialogue replacement of the movie Enter the Dragon in Honk Kong when he collapsed. At the hospital he was diagnosed with cerebral edema.

  3. Bruce Lee (Enter the Dragon, Fists of Fury, Game of Death) is 25% German. His Grandmother being of full German descent, was a fact hidden by China until he had passed.

  4. While filming Enter the Dragon Bruce Lee, after having been accidentally cut by Bob Wall during a scene, kicked Bob Wall so hard that extra broke his arm trying to catch him

  5. The movie Mortal Kombat (1995) copied most of its scenes and plot points directly from Bruce Lee's Enter the Dragon (1973).

  6. During the making of Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee power kicked co-star Robert Wall so hard, he actually broke another person's arms.

  7. About Bruce Le, one of the many imitators who made low-budget kung fu films like "Re-Enter The Dragon" after Bruce Lee's death

  8. In the movie Enter the Dragon, Bruce Lee beat up Jackie Chan in a scene.

  9. The "Finger pointing at the moon" scene from Enter the Dragon was based on a portion of an article written by Bruce Lee himself (and Buddhism).

  10. As a teenager, Jackie Chan was an extra in two Bruce Lee films: Fists of Fury and Enter the Dragon

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Yung Kai Chi aka Yuen Wah - the landlord in Kung Fu Hustle was the only stunt man for Bruce Lee's films Fist of Fury and Enter the Dragon. Also Jackie Chan stated that Yuen Wah's martial arts ability was well respected among his fellow students.

Did you know? Jackie Chan was beaten by Bruce Lee in Enter the dragon. This video shows the incredible journey of Jackie Chan. - source

Mortal combat and enter the Dragon are essentially the same movie. - source

Samo Hung was in the Opening Fight scene of Bruce Lee Enter the Dragon

Mortal Kombat and Enter the Dragon are the same thing - source

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Jackie Chans first movie role was an extra in a fight with Bruce Lee in the film "Enter The Dragon"

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Before starring in the classic 'Enter the Dragon' Bolo Yeung met Bruce Lee while the two were filming a Winston cigarettes commercial.

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