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Apple ran a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal in 1981 welcoming IBM to the desktop computer market. Even though IBM would become Apple's biggest competitor, Apple felt that IBM's entry into the PC market would legitimatize the industry and ultimately help Apple.

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The Xerox Alto, introduced in 1973, was the first graphics-driven desktop computer, complete with a mouse. Xerox went on to reject the Alto and introduce a text-based C/PM machine in the 1980s, while Apple used the technology to develop the Lisa and Macintosh.

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  1. About the actual creator of DOS (CP/M), desktop computers, Cd's and more; Gary Kildall, the forgotten father of the modern computer.

  2. In 2010, Alexander J. Yee & Shigeru K. broke a world record by calculating Pi to 5 trillion digits at home on a desktop computer (twin 6core Xeon processors, 96gb ram, and 20x 2TB hard drives.) It took 90 days; and 3.8 TB disk space was needed to store the final output of decimal and hex digits.

  3. Gateway inc was acquired by acer in 2007 after having been a dominant player in the production of desktop computers. Due to failure to take on portable computers as quickly as it's competitors as well as a failure to supply businesses with its products.

  4. Windows XP is still very popular in China, running on one in four desktop computers

  5. In 1992 Apple joined with Novel to port Mac OS 7 to Intel 486 computers. They were able to eventually boot the OS to desktop, but the project was canceled due to infighting within Apple.

  6. If you tried to break a DigiCert 2048-bit SSL certificate using a standard modern desktop computer it would take 6.4 quadrillion years (468,481 ages of the Universe)

  7. The US Economic Department Administration (EDA) destroyed desktop computers, printers, cameras, keyboards, and mice from fear of being attacked. Totaled $2.7 million in costs.

  8. I can stream games from my desktop computer to my laptop for better performance.

  9. The webcam was invented to save computer scientists, at the university of Cambridge, trips to their kitchen to check if their coffee machine was full. A camera was then set up providing a live picture of the coffee pot to all desktop computers on the office network.

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