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In January 2012, 150 employees of Foxconn, Taiwanese technology company and contract manufacturer for products including the iPhone, iPad and Playstation 4, threatened to commit mass suicide in protest of their working conditions

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Apple started working on the iPad in 2002, and the iPhone was actually a spin-off from the iPad development.

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  1. VoIP services are banned in the UAE and iPhones and iPads sold in the country do not come with the FaceTime app

  2. There were multiple fake Apple stores functioning in China, where even the staff were convinced that they were working for the real iPhone and iPad maker.

  3. The iPad was the initial motivation for the iPhone. While the iPad was being developed, Steve Jobs determined that it was better to focus on a phone, with the multi-touch functionality they were developing for the tablet. As a result, the iPad was released later than the iPhone.

  4. Steve Jobs poked fun at tablets that are below 10 inch and smartphones that are bigger than the iPhone 4. After his death, Apple released the iPad Mini series and iPhone 6

  5. Scott Forstall, the Apple employee who led the software development of the original iPhone and iPad, has an older brother who works at Microsoft

  6. Apple almost considered naming the iPhone as: 'iPad', 'Tripod', 'Telepod' or 'Mobi'

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  9. IOS 11 iCloud Bypass on iPad & iPhone - Huge Activation Lock Flaw

  10. In 2011 a 17 year old Chinese teenager sold his kidney to buy an iPhone and iPad

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Closing apps on your iPhone or iPad won’t speed it up or save battery life. It actually slows down your device and it could use more battery power in the long run

A French startup, called Energysquare, has created a new type of technology that can wireless charge almost any device. This includes devices that don't have wireless charging capabilities built-in, such as Apple's iPhone and iPad. - source

Steve Jobs banned his kids from using iPads, iPhones - source

Almost every official picture by apple of an iPhone or iPad shows the time 9:41 AM because it's the time the iPhone was revealed.

Apple started working on the "iPad" long before the iPhone - source

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The icon for "Artists" on iPhones and iPads is a silhouette of Bono

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An accountant was able to buy $6 million in Iphones and Ipads bofore anybody noticed

Why Apple Always Sets the Time to 9:41 in Its iPhone and iPad Ads.

Whether or not to download the new IOS.9.1 on IPhone & Ipads

Before the iPhone and iPad, the average human attention span was 12 seconds. Now, it is 8 seconds, shorter than the attention span of goldfish (9 seconds).

The Kindle App on iPad and iPhone can integrate Audible on it.

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