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The US-Canadian Border was known by the Plains Indians as "The Medicine Line" for it's seemingly magical ability to keep US troops from crossing it.

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Target Canada was so poorly planned that Canadian consumers would continue to cross the border and shop at Target stores in the United States.

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  1. Residents of the US, particularly those living near the Mexican border, now routinely cross the border into Mexico for medical care. Mexican dentists often charge 20 to 25 percent of U.S. prices, while other procedures typically cost a third what they would cost in the US

  2. Target Canada was so poorly planned out and such a failure that Canadians continued to cross the border to shop at Target stores in the United States.

  3. In 1985 Switzerland accidently bombed Liechtenstein during a drill. In 1992 they accidently 'invaded' their neighbor while setting up an observation post. In 2007 Swiss soldiers lost their way and crossed the border. A spokesman of Liechtenstein simply said "No problem, these things happen".

  4. A Mexican amusement park offers a fake US-Mexico border crossing attraction, complete with fake smugglers and fake border patrol agents. The aim is to dissuade would be migrants from making the trip. For 3 hours, tourists endure sirens, chases and the fake border patrol yelling threats.

  5. The Berlin Wall was opened accidentally. After being told wrong info, a Soviet spokesman stated that border crossings would be allowed, “immediately”. Crossings were actually planned to be allowed in limited circumstances. Thousands of East Germans then ran to the border and forced it open.

  6. A war between Greece and Bulgaria that killed a total of 171 people, began when a Greek soldier accidentally crossed the border chasing his runaway dog.

  7. There is a hotel that sits right on the border of Switzerland and France. A set of stairs started in France and ended in Switzerland upstairs. The upper rooms were thus ideal as a hideout for French Resistance members during WWII as the Nazis weren't allowed to cross into the Swiss side.

  8. In 2013, the Indian Army began tracking Chinese spy drones that were illegally crossing its border. They did this for 6 months, until it turned out they were just tracking Venus and Jupiter.

  9. A new bridge from Canada to the US is expected to become one of the largest international crossings in the world, but it almost wasn't built because post-recession Michigan couldn't afford it. Canada decided to pay for the bridge, land acquisition, and construction on both sides of the border.

  10. In Mexico there's an adventure activity that simulates crossing the border into the USA, complete with fake border patrol and coyotes.

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Does the U.S. need a wall? Illegal Border Crossings by Year

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When US tanks crossed the border into Iraq, they played The Ride of the Valkyries from humvee-mounted speakers

There are unmanned US-CAN border crossings. You talk officers using a videophone and hold your passport up for the camera. - source

Even though the barbed wire fence between Germany and the Czech Republic was torn down 20 years ago, Red Deer still refuse to cross the border - source

Because China only has one time zone, there is a 3 1/2 hour time change when you cross the border between China and Afghanistan, the greatest time change on the planet.

There's a country club on the US-Canada border that allows people to cross into Canada without going through customs. Founded in 1929, it allowed Americans to bypass Prohibition - source

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The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN is the world's largest single machine and it crosses the border between Switzerland and France at four points, with most of it in France.

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Frantisek Zahradka. He was arrested in 1949 in Czechoslovakia when he was in high school for assisting people to cross the border. He spent two years in solitary, and 18 years was forced to mine uranium ore for the government.

William Ellis, a Texas born slave who crossed the border to slavery free Mexico and became a millionaire. Later on he attempted to bring African Americans to Mexico and even served as diplomat of the US to the King of Ethiopia.

In 1965 a young American tourist illegally crossed the Norwegian-Soviet border, walked up to a Soviet border post and demanded the guards stamp his passport. He was arrested, sentenced to a detention camp and died on the train there.

125 people where shot crossing the Berlin wall whereas an estimated 6000 people died trying to cross the Mexico-US border in the past 15 years.

The swiss are so prepared for an invasion that there are explosives ready in every bridge and tunnel crossing the border.

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There is a street that straddles the U.S.-Canadian border. Homes on the south side of the street are in the United States while homes on the north side are in Canada. Anyone who crosses the street without reporting it to Customs can be prosecuted.

Estcourt Station, ME. It has no public road access to the rest of Maine; electricity, water, and phone service are provided by Canada, and you have to go through a border crossing to get to the rest of the US.

There is a part of Minnesota that is completely surrounded by Canada. The residents have to go through two border crossings to get to other parts of MN, and the kids have to cross those borders to go to school.

Switzerland has armed sentries at all border crossings and there are over 3,000 points of demolition on bridges and tunnels to destroy paths of invasion or other access.

Canada has only experienced one lynching in its history- in 1884, when a mob from The United States crossed the border into Brittish Columbia to lynch an indian teen who had fled after being accused of murder.

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During WWII, prisoners in a Russian gulag escaped into the Siberian wilderness, walked hundreds of kilometers through blinding snow to Lake Baikal, crossed the Mongolian border, traversed the Gobi desert and hiked across the Himalayas to reach freedom in India. 4000 km... entirely on foot.

The time changes by 3.5 hours when crossing the Afghanistan/China border

There are 4 airports whose runways cross (or lie directly on) the US-Canadian border

Alcan, Alaska, solely consisting of US Customs employees and families at a Canadian border crossing. Zero unemployment or poverty, $77K median income for men and $0 for women, population of 33.

There is a town in Mexico that supports itself by offering tourists a simulated border crossing experience

There are six airports which cross over the Canada-U.S. border. The only paved one is known as the Piney Pinecreek Border Airport.

At the top of the tallest peak in Glacier Bay National Park, at Mount Fairweather, the U.S. - Canadian border crosses through.

There's an American community where the children have to cross an international border twice just to get to school.

There is a border crossing between California and Mexico with sister cities spanning the border named Calexico and Mexicali respectively

The city of Nogales, Sonora is located on the border with Arizona. Many Mexicans cross the border legally into the United States everyday to visit family and friends and to work. Conversely, thousands of Americans visit Nogales daily for authentic Mexican food and to get good deals on different items.

Fewer than 250 mature Cross River gorillas remain, making them the world's rarest great ape and was captured on video for the first time in 2009. The population at the Cameroon-Nigeria border region is separated by about 300 km from the nearest population of western lowland gorillas

Peace Arch State Park is an international park between US and Canada. Visitors do not require either a passport or visa to pass through their applicable border crossing so long as they stay within the boundaries of the park and leave the park into the country from which they entered the park

The Ambassador Bridge is the only privately owned border crossing between the US and Canada and 25% of all merchandise traded between the countries crosses the bridge.

In Point Roberts, WA, kids in high school must cross the Canadian border twice to get to school.

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