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After the town of Naco was split in two by border patrol, the residents of Naco, Arizona and Naco, Mexico started an annual tradition of having a volleyball match over the dividing fence

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In September 2006, Chinese Border Patrol guards opened fire on a group of Tibetan pilgrims moving slowly in deep snow, killing a 17-year-old girl. The incident is only known in the West because a Romanian mountain climber secretly recorded it

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  1. A former Governor of Arizona, aged 96, was detained by the US Border Patrol because his pacemaker set off radiation detectors.

  2. A Mexican amusement park offers a fake US-Mexico border crossing attraction, complete with fake smugglers and fake border patrol agents. The aim is to dissuade would be migrants from making the trip. For 3 hours, tourists endure sirens, chases and the fake border patrol yelling threats.

  3. The dogs that were used to patrol the Berlin Wall were adopted out after it came down, and when walking where it once stood would "move as if tethered to an unseen leash, with absolute certainty, following the old border along its zigzags through the city".

  4. Former FBI director, J. Edgar Hoover, liked to write on the margin of memos. One time, he read a memo w/ narrow margins, and replied "Watch the borders!" The next week was met w/ mass confusion, as multiple inquiries were sent to Border Patrol inquiring about any suspicious border activity.

  5. A chimpanzee community in Gombe National Park split into two factions and went to war with each other from 1974 to 1978. During the war, male chimps would team up to raid neighbouring territories and patrol the borders. If they found a lone chimp they would brutally kill them.

  6. In Mexico there's an adventure activity that simulates crossing the border into the USA, complete with fake border patrol and coyotes.

  7. One day each year, for just a few minutes, because of a program called Border Angels, US/Mexico border patrol open a gate to allow divided families to embrace for a total of three minutes.

  8. In 1967, North Korea, aware that South Korea used male dogs to search the border for intruders, began patrolling their side with female dogs in heat in an attempt at subversion against South Korea’s canine troops.

  9. U.S. Customs dogs “Rocky” and “Barco” led to a record 969 drug seizures along Cocaine Alley in just one year. They were so good at patrolling the border that Mexican drug lords put a $300,000 bounty on their heads.

  10. Switzerland has a "Lakes flotilla" which is a series of boats for patrolling the lakes of its borders. As a company of the army, this may make up the smallest navy of a sovereign nation

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border patrol fact data chart about Border Patrol Arrests of unaccompanied minors vs total Oct 2
Border Patrol Arrests of unaccompanied minors vs total Oct 2014 - Apr 2018

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Customs and Border Patrol apprehension and refugee data

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On July 27th, 1953 a demilitarized zone (DMZ) is established on the border between North and South Korea. The DMZ is 2,200 yards from the line on either side and is constantly patrolled.

Alberta, Canada, is the only rat-free inhabited area in the world. Dedicated exterminators patrol the borders. - source

The U.S. border patrol flies huge blimps with low-altitude radar to detect drones trying to cross border - source

In 1936 the Los Angeles Police Department formed an illegal border patrol called "The Bum Blockade" all along the state line to bully and turn away migrants who had been displaced by the dust bowl, and whom were heading west looking for a better life in California.

In 1982, Key West declared its independence from the U.S. after the Border Patrol set up a road block between Miami and Key West - source

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17,026 (86%) of the 19,828 US Border Patrol agents are stationed at the Mexican border. The Canadian border has only 10% of agents.

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The Border Patrol captured Ángel Maturino Reséndiz, a rapist and serial killer on the FBI's Most Wanted List, and released him back to Mexico, whereupon he promptly sneaked back into the US and murdered four more people before being apprehended by Texas Rangers.

With over 500 pilots and 250 aircraft, the US Customs and Border Patrol is the largest law enforcement air force in the world.

The US Border Patrol was founded to stop Chinese illegal immigrants coming from Mexico.

In 1962, U.S. Border Patrol joined U.S. Marshals to enforce federal law by protecting James Meredith as he registered as the University of Mississippi's first African-American student.

In 1936 the Los Angeles Police Department formed an illegal border patrol called "The Bum Blockade" all along the state line to bully and turn away migrants who had been displaced by the dust bowl, and whom were heading west looking for a better life in California.

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border patrol fact infographic about Border Patrol Arrests by Child/Family Group Type Oct 2014 -

Border Patrol Arrests by Child/Family Group Type Oct 2014 - Apr 2018

border patrol fact infographic about Access to legal marijuana and border patrol seizures

Access to legal marijuana and border patrol seizures

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The US Customs and Border Patrol's Office of Air and Marine uses over 300 vessels to patrol America's Maritime Borders

Alberta Canada has a provincial rat patrol protecting the border from incoming rats

U.S border patrol created narco corridos to dissuade illegal immigration to the united states.

Marco Antonio de la Garza Jr, an illegal Mexican immagrant living in the United States, managed to avoid deportation for five years by joining the border patrol

There's a residential street on the Canada/US border called Rue CANUSA. Bureaucratic border patrolling makes this a somewhat inconvenient place to live.

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This US border patrol officer lost his job because of supporting constitutional rights while doing his job

Cody Slaughter, who was so honest during his job interview with the Border Patrol, that he admitted to molesting a toddler, and having sex with various types of animals, offences the police were previously unaware of.

The ATF is its own worst enemy, purposely leaking guns into Mexico for a failed, twisted, gun tracking operation targeting Mexican cartels and causing the death of a US border patrol agent.

The United States of America has 21,000 Border Patrol Agents

US Border Patrol Caught More Non-Mexicans Than Mexicans for the First Time Ever in 2014

April 23, 1982, the Conch Republic was formed as a secession of the Florida Keys from the US in response to a Border Patrol Blockade on US1 at Florida City

The town of Key West declared independence on April 23, 1982, over a border patrol dispute. During the protest, the mayor also declared war: then surrendered in one minute, and requested one billion in foreign aid.

2 CBP (border patrol) officers made $1 mil smuggling over 1,000 immigrants "in plain sight"

Civilian volunteers flew border patrols and anti-sub missions during WWII

Cory Slaughter, who during an interview for a Border Patrol job, was asked if he had commited any offences, admitted to being a molester, as well as sexual relations with several farm animals, and pets. The police were unaware of these offences at the time of his job interview.

Operation fast and furious: a program that allowed illegal guns sales to straw buyers for drug cartels in Mexico. The ATF lost track of about 1400 weapons. Some of them turned up at a murder of an US border patrol agent.

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