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95% of all copper ever mined was extracted after 1900. More than half has been extracted in the last 24 years.

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There is a guy who made an entire electric toaster from raw materials - mining and refining steel, nickel, copper, mica, and making plastic - after being inspired by a Hitchhiker's Guide quotation.

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  1. 6,000 years ago, extensive copper mining operations in North America polluted the Great Lakes region. Isle Royale, a national park found in the State of Michigan, features high levels of copper, lead, and potassium in the ancient sediments.

  2. Mining is done in Nunavut for oil, gas, diamonds, gold, silver, iron, copper, and zinc.

  3. In the United States, large quantities in massive form have been extracted from Arizona copper mines; with rare crystals mined in Butte, Montana; and small crystals once found in a copper mine in Bristol, Connecticut.

  4. Prior to being owned by Glencore Inc., the mine was owned by other companies including Texas Gulf Sulphur, Falconbridge Ltd, and Xstrata Copper.

  5. Silver was the main mineral mined in San Luis Potosi, but significant amounts of gold, zinc, copper, and bismuth were also extracted.

  6. While mined commercially from other ores, molybdenum is also produced as a result of tungsten and copper mining.

  7. Some of their locations were in coal mines in Warwickshire and near Newcastle upon Tyne and in tin and copper mines in Cornwall.

  8. Mining for copper actually has been traced back as far as almost 3000 BC in England.

  9. Of all the copper mined since ancient times, 96% of it has been since 1900.

  10. Although Guanajuato was once known for its numerous, lucrative gold and silver mines, those mines are mainly depleted today. Most contemporary mining in Guanajuato involves other metals such as mercury, tin, copper, and lead. Mining in general still comprises a significant portion of the state's GDP.

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The Falun Copper Mine in Sweden. The mine satisfied two-thirds of Europe's copper needs during medieval times, and was referred as Sweden's "treasury and stronghold" during the Renaissance, when it produced 3000 tons of copper annually.

Mining plays a big role in Queretaro's economy. Lead, silver, copper, and gold are just a few of the valuable mineral resources that are extracted in the state.

Major industry in Utah includes mining for coal, copper, iron ore, silver and gold; natural gas, oil, steel-making and tourism, most notably skiing.

342 geese died after landing at a contaminated former open pit copper mine in Montana

25,000 migrating geese were flying over Montana when a snowstorm hit. They sought refuge on the water of what used to be an open-pit copper mine, and the toxic water killed thousands of them. - source

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At the rate that copper is currently mined and consumed, there is about five million years" worth on Earth.

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Cadmium is typically produced as a derivative of the processes involved in mining ores of zinc, lead, or copper.

The Bingham Canyon Mine, an open pit copper mine located near Salt Lake City, which is the world's deepest man-made excavation. The mine is 2.75 miles (4,5km) across and 0.75 mile (1,2km) deep. If the mine was a stadium, it could seat nine million people.

Arsenic can be found in the crust of the earth, and the type used for industrial use is usually the byproduct of mining for copper, silver, and gold.

Researchers may have found the fabled mines of King Solomon in southern Israel. The 3,000-year-old structure includes a well-defined gatehouse complex, donkey stables and copper smelting camps

The mining of chalcocite has taken place for centuries and is one of the most profitable ores due to its high copper content, which is nearly 80% by weight.

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Kidd Mine is able to produce 70,000 tons of zinc each year and 40,000 tons of copper.

Maragretha von Waldeck, daughter of Philip IV and believed to be one of the inspirations for the original Snow White fairytale. One of the reasons is that her father owned several copper mines where the majority of the workers were children that lived in a village, not unlike the seven dwarfs

Like other members of the platinum group, ruthenium is also a result of the mining of copper and nickel.

The ancient Egyptians mined it on the Sinai Peninsula and melted it down to produce copper.

Geologists know that azurite is found in rocks above deposits of copper ore. This information allows them to use azurite as an indicator mineral as they seek out subsurface copper deposits. Once a copper deposit is found the azurite that is found there will be distracted and used if it is a high grade and easy enough to mine.

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Although copper has been in use for 10,000 years, more than 95% of all copper has been mined since 1900. At least 80% of all copper ever mined is still available for recycling.

About the Kennecott Copper Mine in Salt Lake City, Utah. As the world's largest man-made excavation in the world, it only produces 1% of the world's copper.

Major industry in New Mexico includes mining for uranium, zinc, lead, gold, silver, potash and copper, tourism, natural gas and oil; chemicals, lumber, transportation equipment, and food products.

Fat Mats" Mats Israelsson, was a preserved miner found in 1719 in the Falun copper mine in Sweden. He was identified by his former fiancée, 42 years after his disappearance. He was later put on display for 30 years before being buried.

A Mine in Falun, Sweden, Operated for 1000 Years and Produced As Much As 2/3rds Of All European Copper Needs. Mining There Began Before the First Crusade and Concluded At the Birth of the Information Age.

The "rare" earth element Neodymium, is actually nearly as plentiful as Copper and more plentiful than Gold, It's named this way to refer to it's difficulty in accessing it's deposits and mining and refining of the element being difficult.

The "Petroglyph of a Sailing Boat" found near Copper Harbor, Michigan suggests that ancient civilizations as early as c. 1640 BC mined copper in North America as part of a large copper trade with the Old World during the Bronze Age. An estimated 22,000 copper ingots may have been exported.

Geothermal renewable resources on federal lands are resulting in significantly more revenues for taxpayers than are paid by companies mining the copper, gold, and iron, which pay no royalties to taxpayers in exchange for extracting those metals from public lands.

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