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About Mary Bowser, a former slave with a photographic memory who lived in the Confederate President's house during the Civil War. She was part of the Richmond spy ring and credited for getting the most valuable information of all the spies during the war.

how many states celebrate confederate memorial day?

Memorial Day was a practice originated by the Confederate South

What states celebrate confederate memorial day?

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what is confederate memorial day?

  1. Many southern states have an official Confederate Memorial Day state holiday, including Texas (where it is called Confederate Heroes Day). Today, May 10 - it is a state holiday in SC.

  2. Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas and Virginia celebrate Confederate Memorial Day. These are former Confederate states, and they celebrate on various other days ranging from January 19th to June 3rd.

  3. The Confederate Memorial Fountain in Helena, Montana which wasn't formally recognized as a territory until 1864 and didn't become a state until 1889. Confederate troops never came within 1,000 miles of the area

  4. There still exists a monument in Andersonville, GA, near the site of the former Confederate Prisoner Camp, that memorializes Henry Wirz, the officer in charge of Andersonville who committed horrible atrocities on prisoners. It was put up in 1909 by the Daughters of the Confederacy.

  5. In Alabama tomorrow is Jefferson Davis Day which is still a state holiday. Instead of Martin Luther King Jr. Day they have Robert E Lee's Birthday, and April 22nd was Confederate Memorial Day.

  6. Abraham Lincoln was assassinated by John Wilkes Booth, an actor and Confederate sympathizer, on April 14th, 1865.

  7. Arlington House itself is now a memorial for Robert E. Lee, the confederate general who was married to Mary Lee, the great-granddaughter of Martha Washington.

  8. Confederate Memorial Day is celebrated as a state holiday in Alabama

  9. In Alabama tomorrow is Jefferson Davis Day which is still a state holiday. Martin Luther King Jr. Day is jointly celebrated as Robert E Lee's Birthday, and April 22nd was Confederate Memorial Day. [Deleted prior post due to misleading title and reposted for accuracy]

confederate memorial facts
What states recognize confederate memorial day?

Why are confederate memorials being removed?

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Memorial Day started out as a Northern offshoot of Confederate Memorial Day, which honored deceased CSA soldiers. Confederate Memorial Day is still celebrated in 7 Southern states.

The United Daughters of the Confederacy (UDC) formed in 1894 in Nashville, Tennessee to fund Confederate memorials and honor Confederate veterans of the Civil War.

Confederate general Robert e lee did not want the confederacy to be memorialized, so much was he against against this he opposed erecting battlefield monuments and at his funeral made sure no flags or military uniforms were were donned. - source

Of Alabama's 13 state holidays, three celebrate Confederate soldiers or leaders: Confederate Memorial Day, the Birthday of Jefferson Davis, and the Birthday of Robert E. Lee (shared with MLK day!)

Confederate Memorial Day, which is still observed as a statutory holiday by both Alabama and Mississippi, meaning all state offices are closed on that day. It is observed on the fourth Monday of April (today) and the last Monday in April in Alabama and Mississippi, respectively. - source

When is confederate memorial day?

Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi close their state offices today, last Monday of April, in observance of Confederate Memorial Day

How many states observe confederate memorial day?

There's a political issue the Sons of Confederate Veterans and civil rights activists agree on: no memorial to Martin Luther King Jr. on Stone Mountain.

In 1929, Congress recognized all Confederate Veterans as American Veterans, and people in Florida still decorate their graves every year on Confederate Memorial Day.

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