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Charles Manson was once a Scientologist and completed 150 hours of auditing but left the organization soon after, calling it "too crazy"

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During Charles Manson's trial, the judge began carrying a revolver under his robe after Manson charged at him with a pencil.

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  1. In 1966, during his second stint in jail, Charles Manson refused release and requested to stay in prison. He’d spent half of his 32 years behind bars, and saw it as his home. Authorities refused and released him. He quickly formed the family.

  2. In 2014 Charles Manson was granted a marriage license, but the wedding was cancelled after it was discovered that 26 year old Afton Elaine "Star" Burton only wanted to marry Manson so she and a friend Craig "Gray Wolf" Hammond could use his corpse as a tourist attraction after he dies

  3. Rick James' life was saved by nursing his horrible hangover. The hangover left him immobile and unable to attend a party being thrown by his friend Jay Sebring and Sharon Tate. Jay Sebring, Sharon Tate and other guests were murdered that night by the Charles Manson clan.

  4. Shortly after Charles Manson was arrested he wrote to one of the "Manson Family" members from jail asking her to assassinate President Ford. She approached Ford and pointed a gun at his face but was tackled to the ground by secret service agents after her gun misfired.

  5. As a preteen while horseback riding, Bryan Cranston and his counsin encountered Charles Manson, one year before the Tate-LaBianca murders

  6. Charles Manson took a few scientology courses and they influenced parts of his brainwashing technique

  7. When Charles Manson entered prison in 1961 he entered "Scientologist" as his religion

  8. When Charles Manson didn't receive any gifts for Christmas one year he responded by stealing all of his classmates toys and burning them.

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When Charles Manson was a child, his mom sold him for a pitcher of beer to a woman who wanted to have children.

When Charles Manson was a child his mother sold him for a pitcher of beer. - source

While in prison for car jacking, Charles Manson read the book "How To Win Friends And Influence People." He would later use what he learned from the book to manipulate women into killing for him.

Bryan Cranston, at the age of 12, encountered a young Charles Manson while riding horses with his teenage cousin. This happened about a year before Manson committed the Tate-LaBianca murders. - source

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Charles Manson’s mother once sold him to a woman for a pitcher of beer and then his uncle had to find the woman to get him back

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Dennis Wilson recorded a song for The Beach Boys originally written by Charles Manson. After finding out he wasn't credited, he showed Wilson a bullet & said: "Everytime you look at it, I want you to think how nice it is your kids are still safe." Wilson beat the shit out of him.

A 27yo woman tried to marry Charles Manson to have access to his corpse after he died. She planned to make money from people coming to see his body.

At 25 year old, Matthew Roberts set off to find his biological parents. Only to discover his biological father was Charles Manson - Looking into the mirror after being told and immediately seeing the resemblance.

A week after the Manson murders, Charles Manson and 25 members of the Manson Family were raided and arrested for auto-theft. However, the group was released a few days later, uncharged, because the arresting officers misdated the warrant.

Charles Manson justified his murders with Helter Skelter. He said whites would blame blacks for the murders, and that a race war would occur with the blacks being victorious, but they wouldn't know how to govern, so they'd hand power to him and his followers, the only remaining white people.

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The full name of the possessed Chucky doll from the Child's Play franchise of horror movies was Charles Lee Ray, named after notorious killers Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald, and James Earl Ray.

Charles Manson, hoping to incite racial wars, stole his victim's wallet and had it planted in the restroom of a gas station in what he thought was a black neighborhood; instead of inciting Helter Skelter as he had hoped, it lay there for months until discovered by a cleaning attendant.

During a recess of the case in which Charles Manson and the family were on trial for murder, one of the attorneys involved (Ronald Hughes) went missing and was eventually found dead three months later

As a preteen while horseback riding, Bryan Cranston and his counsin encountered Charles Manson, one year before the Tate-LaBianca murders

President Ford survived two assassination attempts in the same month. On Sept. 5, 1975, Lynette Fromme, a follower of Charles Manson, fired a pistol at the president in a crowd in Sacramento, but Ford was unharmed. On Sept. 22, Sara Jane Moore pulled a revolver on Ford in San Francisco.

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Al Lewis (Grandpa on The Munsters) used to have Charles Manson babysit his kids.

Al Lewis- Grandpa Munster from 'The Munsters'- had Charles Manson babysit his children on a number of occasions and described him as "A nice guy when I knew him"

Susan Atkins eventually gave enough info to the police to help them realize that Manson and his followers were to blame for the crimes.

During the trial Charles Manson showed up with an X carved into his forehead. Others soon followed and it turned into a swastika.

Charles Manson released an album during his trial in an effort to raise money.

Charles Manson was convicted in 1975 of first degree murder and sentenced to death.

Charles Manson resides in Corcoran State Prison in California. He has been there since 1971.

Charles Manson was very interested in Armageddon and Scientology. He believed that he was privy to the planet's eventual demise.

Charles Manson was asked during an interview how he felt about serial killer Ted Bundy and he responded, "...Ted Bundy is a butt poop!"

The Beach Boys released a song in 1969 called Cease to Exist that was written by Charles Manson. They had spent a little time with him at Brian Wilson's home studio.

Charles Manson had targeted Polanksi (filmmaker) and Tate (actress) because they represented the world of show business that had rejected Manson.

President Richard Nixon publicly declared Charles Manson guilty during his trial almost resulting in a mistrial.

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