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In 2004, Bose Corporation (known for hi-fi audio equipment) disclosed that it sank over $100 million into a new type of automobile suspension, which used electromagnetism rather than hydraulics.

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Project Sound, a suspension system made by Bose Corporation, allows cars to literally jump over obstacles.

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  1. MIT is the biggest stockholder of Bose corporation as Amar Bose, the eponymous founder of the company, donated majority of the firm's stock to his alma mater

  2. MIT is the majority shareholder in Bose Corporation

  3. Amar Bose, the recently deceased founder of Bose Corporation, in 2011 donated a majority of the company's non-voting shares to MIT on the condition that they never be sold.

  4. Amar Bose, the founder of the infamous research, acoustics, and engineering corporation Bose, donated the majority stake of his namesake company to MIT in the form of non-voting/non-control stock shares, in order to sustain and advance the educational mission of the school.

  5. Noni G. Bose, father of Amar Bose, Founder of Bose Corporation was very active during the Indian Revolutionary Movement against the Colonial British and fled to the US in 1920s to avoid persecution by the British.

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