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Dennis "Chip" Wilson named his company Lululemon because "Japanese peoples' inability to pronounce the letter "L", and the extra effort they would have to make to pronounce the name" and "It's funny to watch them try and say it,"

Lululemon, the women's athletic wear company, founder Chip Wilson once stated that the name came from an intentional effort to make it hard to pronounce in Japan, stating "[L is] a tough pronunciation for them... I came up with Lululemon. It’s funny to watch them try to say it."

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  1. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson admitted he named the brand "Lululemon" because it was fun watching Japanese people struggling to pronounce the name.

  2. Chip Wilson, Lululemons founder, named the company with so many L's because he thought it was funny that Japenese people couldn't say it correctly.

  3. Chip Wilson, founder of Lululemon, called it that because he mocked the way Japanese people would pronounce it. He said, "I was playing with [the letter] Ls and I came up with Lululemon. It's funny to watch them try to say it."

  4. When discussing the company name, Chip Wilson, former chairman and founder of Lululemon, is quoted as saying, "I was playing with Ls and I came up with Lululemon. It’s funny to watch them [Japanese people] try to say it.”

  5. Learned that Lululemon founder Chip Wilson named the company Lululemon because he was delighted in the idea that trying to pronounce the name — with its three syllables beginning with “l’” — would pose a special challenge for the Japanese, whom he enjoyed making fun of.

  6. Lululemon founder Chip Wilson said he chose to call his company Lululemon because he thought it was funny that Japanese people couldn't pronounce the letter "L."

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