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The Cassandra metaphor occurs when valid warnings are dismissed. The Greek god Apollo gave Cassandra the gift of prophecy, but she refused his love so he placed a curse that nobody would believe her. She was left with knowledge of future events she could not alter or convince others of.

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Gustav Mahler was superstitious and strongly believed in the Curse of the Ninth, where composers can only compose nine symphonies before they die. He tried to beat superstition by calling his 9th symphonic work a "song cycle," then began work on his 10th symphony and died.

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  1. Mormon Prophet Brigham Young believed "Negroes" were the children of Cain (that killed Abel) and their dark skin was a curse from God for the murder of Abel.

  2. The real last words of Cameron Todd Willingham, executed in 2004 but now widely believed to be innocent, were a stream of curses directed at his ex-wife who was watching the execution and who claimed that he had confessed to her

  3. Harry Nilsson was worried about renting Flat 12 to the Who's drummer, Keith Moon, believing it was cursed because singer Cass Elliot had died there at age 32. Moon took the flat saying "lightning wouldn't strike twice." He died in the flat age 32, having taken an overdose of 32 pills

  4. In a letter called the Ashtiname, Muhammad called on followers of Islam to protect Christians "in any place they may dwell.” Violators would be regarded as having “despised [God’s] Religion, and made himself deserving of His Curse, whether he is a Sultan or any other believer of Islam."

  5. U.S. Route 491 had its name changed from Route 666 in 2003 after people petitioned the American Association of State Highway & Transport Officials as they believed altering the name might lift the curse that many thought had been placed on the road.

  6. The Cassandra Complex, which occurs when valid warnings are dismissed, originates in Greek mythology, where Cassandra, after she received the gift prophecy from Apollo, refused his romantic advances. So he placed a curse ensuring that nobody would believe her warnings of future events.

  7. The Hanshin Tigers baseball team of Japan is believed to be cursed by KFC founder Colonel Sanders for throwing his storefront statue into the river by Hanshin fans while celebrating their team’s victory in 1985

  8. The 'Curse of the Colonel' caused when Japanese baseball fans threw a statue of Colonel Sanders from a KFC into a river. Fans believe Sanders' ghost placed a curse on the team which caused an 18 year losing streak for the team and prevents their team from winning the Japan Series

  9. There's a tiny island (Gaiola Island) in Italy that's believed to be cursed and is subsequently uninhabited and abandoned because every single owner of the island has either died or suffered a great tragedy

  10. Maya Angelou, while on set, saw a young man cursing and went to talk to him. Her words were so powerful that it lead the man to tears. As she was walking back to her trailer, Janet Jackson said "Dr.Angelou I don't believe you actually spoke to Tupac Shakur"

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A Japanese Baseball Team believe they are cursed by Colonel Sanders.

The movie set of "The Omen" (1976 and 2006) was believed to be cursed. Many interesting yet creepy coincidences occurred, such as the set designer dying in the exact way he wanted a particular death scene to happen in the movie. - source

The Japanese believe in a curse on female babies that comes every 60 years, the birthrate plunged in 1906 and 1966 - source

of the Curse of the Colonel. After winning the Japan series for the first time Hanshin Tigers fans threw a statue of Colonel Sanders into the river off the Ebisubashi bridge in Osaka. Many fans believed this caused the team to go 18 years with only one winning record.

Post Malone believes he was cursed in 2018 upon being in the presence of a haunted 'Dybbuk Box', believed to be the home of a trapped malicious spirit from the early 20th century. - source

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Before the German invasion of the USSR, Stalin opened the tomb of Timur(Tamerlane). On the tomb was the inscription: "Whoever disturbs my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I." Later Stalin believed the curse and had the body buried again with full Islamic rites.

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In the Cook Islands, a derelict $52M Rarotonga resort - once linked to the Italian mafia and believed to be cursed - is up for sale. The entire project was about 90 per cent complete when work stopped in the early 1990s. When complete, the five-star resort will have up to 460 rooms

There is a superstitious curse called "Superman's Curse". The curse is believed to curse anyone who plays the role of superman. It's said to have caused George Reeves death by gunshot, and Christopher Reeves being paralyzed via horse riding accident.

A man was caught red handed with another Man's wife in a lodge when they got stuck. This was as a result of the husband of the woman who had visited a medicine man ( witchdoctor) who its believed cursed the genitals of the woman that resulted in the two getting stuck.

Many popular 19th and 20th century anthropologists believed that those from the Horn of Africa(Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia) were descendants of Ham, the cursed son of Noah(Book of Genesis). They were categorized as Hamitic people.

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The Exorcist is believed to be cursed due to multiple tragedies during the production.

For 10 years, death stalked the small town of Dryden, New York. People believed the town was "cursed" due to unrelated but sequential murders that took place from 1989 till 1999.

The Hanshin Tigers, a baseball team in Japan, was once believed to have been cursed by Colonel Sanders of KFC following an incident where a statue of him was thrown into the Dōtonbori Canal

Being in your Chinese Zodiac year is believed to offend Tai Sui, the God of Age, who curses such people with bad luck.

Shakespeare's Macbeth is believed by some to be a cursed play. That speaking the name of the play in a theater leads to disaster.

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The 550 Porsche Spyder that killed James Dean is believed to be cursed. Actor Alec Guinness told Dean he’d be “dead by this time next week if he got in that car.” Seven days later Dean would be killed by his beloved ‘Little Bastard’ Porsche. And he wasn’t the only life claimed by the cursed car.

Hundreds of people who took chunks of Uluru (Ayers Rock) returned them to Australian authorities because they believed them to be cursed.

Some people believe George Washington's ghost curses any president seeking a 2nd term, causing their 2nd term to be more unpopular than the first.

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