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When the Titanic was found in 1985, the famous Grand Staircase (appearing in many films of the sinking) was missing. During the filming of the 1997 movie, the replica was torn out by the water when the set was flooded; the real staircase was likely ripped out of the ship in the same way.

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Rip Torn lost his role in "Easy Rider" to Jack Nicholson after a confrontation at dinner. Dennis Hopper claimed he pulled a knife on him. Torn says Hopper pulled the knife. Hopper repeated the story on the Tonight Show, prompting Torn to sue for defamation, winning $1 million in damages

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  1. During filming of the 1970 movie Maidstone.. actor Rip Torn hit author/director Norman Mailer over the head with a hammer which resulted in an actual fight with Mailer biting off part of Rip Torns ear & Rip nearly choking Mailer to death... The fight was kept in the final cut of the movie

  2. Dennis Hopper went on T.V. and told a story about how Rip Torn pulled a knife on him. Torn sued for defamation and won. Hopper had to pay compensatory but not punitive. Hopper later appealed the ruling. Appellate not only upheld the decision but also made him pay another $475,000 in punitive.

  3. Rip Torn and Dennis Hopper got into a drunken fight with butter knives at a dinner party, leading to Torn being replaced by Jack Nicholson in Easy Rider launching Nicholsons career

  4. Larry Sanders" and "MIB" actor Rip Torn made headlines in 2010 when he broke into a bank in Lakefield, Connecticut, while intoxicated, claiming he thought it was his own home and had left his hat and boots by the door.

  5. In 2010, an intoxicated Rip Torn broke into a bank while carrying a firearm without a permit and got 3 years probation.

  6. Rip Torn introduced his cousin Sissy Spacek to the entertainment business, and helped her enroll in the Actors Studio.

  7. In 1970 author Norman Mailer tried directing a movie. The result was Maidstone, which is now notorious for an improvised fight scene between Mailer and Rip Torn, which started with Torn opening up Mailer's scalp with a hammer and ended with Mailer biting off a small chunk of Torn's ear.

  8. During the filming of the movie Maidstone, Rip Torn actually hit an actor with a hammer and a real fight broke out, all of it filmed and put into the movie

  9. Actor Rip Torn was arrested after drunkenly breaking into a bank with a loaded gun and claiming he thought it was his home when he was 79 years old.

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Rip Torn hit Norman Mailer in the head with a hammer during the making of the movie "Maidstone". Mailer bit off a part of Torns ear. An epic fight ensued.

During the filming of 'Maidstone' Rip Torn actually tried to kill Norman Mailer and his wife with a hammer when he was intoxicated on LSD, and would have succeeded if Norman didn't bite half his ear off. NONE OF THIS WAS STAGED. Check the link; it is chilling. - source

Actor Rip Torn was the original inspiration for the "Mr Wednesday" character in American Gods. - source

Rip Torn who did the voice of Zeus in the 1997 Disney classic "Hercules" voiced Hephaestus in God of War III

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